Shadow Fight 2

Shadow Fight 2

Name Shadow Fight 2
Package com.nekki.shadowfight
Publisher Nekki
Category Fighting
Version 2.19.0
Size 146M
Requires Android 4.4 Can play offline
MOD Features Unlimited Money
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About Shadow Fight 2Shadow Fight 2, also known as the Shadow Fight series' most successful installment, is a fighting game series developed and published by Nekki. This is also one of the b...
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About Shadow Fight 2

Shadow Fight 2, also known as the Shadow Fight series’ most successful installment, is a fighting game series developed and published by Nekki. This is also one of the best games I want to introduce to you first, dating all the way back to HOSTZFEVER’s early days.


The game begins with a colossal film that tells the scenario.

You are the shadow

In Shadow Fight 2, you’ll assume the role of an unstoppable samurai warrior who explores the globe in search of his adversary. He becomes prideful as a result of his success and defies the rigorous law of the samurai by breaching the Gate of Shadows’ seal. This is the location of the world’s most deadly opponents.

He suffered the repercussions as a result of such error. After liberating the entire world of darkness, the Gate Of Shadow’s immense magic draws his appearance, leaving him with only the shadow. Recognizing that something is wrong and has the potential to harm the world, he resolves to practice and fight in order to expel the bad spirits.


Shadow Fight 2 is a conventional RPG in the vein of Tekken or Mortal Kombat. Your objective in it is to take part in 1vs1 antagonistic fights by using the control keys to move, attack, and evade opposing strikes. The critical point is that you must mix the keys in order to continuously develop skills and combos.

Great fighting effect

Numerous lethal weapons are available to you, which are classified into four categories:

  • Your hand: Inflict injury or make use of weapons
  • Your legs: Kick the opponent
  • Dag: Cast damage enemies from long distances
  • Mage: Attack through the use of magic

Shadow Fight 2 is similarly separated into multiple levels with varying degrees of difficulty from easy to highly challenging. The first level is mostly for you to become acquainted with the controls, so that you can proceed without incident. The subsequent stages will become more challenging; you must adjust and make the perfect move or you will be shot in the blink of an eye.

Game Modes

This game is not difficult or complex, but it is not for the faint of heart. You’re going to require a certain amount of patience if you’re going to beat Shadow Fight 2. The game never loses its allure as new effects and areas to explore are regularly added.

Select a character in Duels mode

To begin, you must defeat the plot mode, which consists of seven monsters spread across seven chapters. You’ll see all the bosses that have previously been defeated, particularly in the final chapter. The plot’s antagonists will be powerful and difficult to overcome. You’ll need to increase your strength through improved equipment, skills, and attack. After eliminating a boss and his bodyguard, you’ll be able to access the storyline and the new modes listed below:

  • Secondary mode: Earn money to purchase and enhance your equipment.
  • Tournament
  • Survival
  • Duels
  • Ascension: By completing this phase, you will gain access to unique clothes and abilities.
  • Challenge
  • Special modes: Underworld, Eclipse (Eclipse)


Due to Nekki’s proprietary technology, a really nice and friendly 2D game has been produced. Rather than emphasizing the subject against the background, this game emphasizes the background while leaving the subject completely dark. This is understandable given the game’s storyline.

However, the drawings are in two dimensions and are quite lovely.

You will notice the game’s fluidity while engaging in combat. Strikes, character effects, and weaponry all work together to create an action film on your phone’s screen. While some may find the game slow in comparison to other high-speed fighting games, this reflects the Japanese samurai spirit’s three characteristics: Agitation, Concentration, and Decision-Making. Shadow Fight 2 is not a hurried game in any way.

Shadow Fight 2 remains, in general, a “half-season” fighting game, as Nekki has turned its focus to a more immersive dimension, while ignoring the game’s primary element of resistance. However, this has enabled us to develop a truly unique game style that is both simple to play and addictive. Additionally, this game enables us to communicate wirelessly with our friends.

You can also try other games like Real Steel Boxing Champions and WWE Mayhem.

MOD APK version of Shadow Fight 2

MOD features

Unlimited Money:
You will have a lot of money, enough to buy equipment’s and items in the game.
Unlimited Energy:
By default, you have 5 energy. You will get 1 energy point every 10 minutes. For more energy, use gems to buy.
In addition, if you like playing games without the energy, you can try the Special Edition version – a paid version of this game. In the SE version you will be able to play freely without energy restrictions. This edition also has special chapters.

How to install

You have to to install according to this guide, otherwise the game may hang at level 8 at the enchantment screen.
Step 1: Download and install Bypass Enchantment version.
Step 2: Play through the enchantment screen at level 8.
Step 3: Download and install the MOD version overwrite to the Bypass Enchantment version.

Download Shadow Fight 2 MOD APK for Android

This game is the perfect combination of interface and gameplay. Very simple graphics, gameplay too. It supports multiple platforms including Nintendo Switch, PC, Mac, Android, and iOS. Here, Shadow Fight 2 has been doing its job well. Although Shadow Fight 3 has been released with more beautiful graphics, this game still has its place.

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