App Name Seven – 7 Minute Workout
Publisher Perigee AB
Genre Apps
Size 131MB
Latest Version 9.9.0
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Update September 3, 2021

Practicing is one thing that everyone needs to do to be able to have a fit and healthy body. Today, gyms are becoming popular, and many gyms are open to people. Do you often gym? If so, how much time do you usually spend training? An hour? Two hours? For a lot of people, it’s a long time, and not everyone can spend that much time practicing. So how to not go to the gym and still have a healthy body? The answer lies in the application Seven – 7 Minute Workout – an app that will become your coach. Users only need to download the app is all that you need to get a healthy body.

Save time
When users read the name of the application, you will see that it only takes seven minutes to practice. Seven minutes and an hour will save you a lot of time doing other things. If users do not have 1 hour a day to practice, with this application, users only need to be precisely seven minutes a day to have a healthy body. This app will provide users with 12 different exercises with the duration of training that will take 30 seconds to perform. After each workout, the user will have 10 seconds more to relax and prepare for the next round. As long as users comply with what the application offers, within one month, you will see the difference.
Practicing anytime, anywhere
No need to go to the gym or similar places to practice; with this app, users can practice anywhere. After the lunch break, usually in each company, there will be a time to rest, users can exercise then. Or whenever users have free time, they can practice having a fit body and good health.

Serves a variety of purposes
This application acts as a training, and it will listen to the user’s request to give the most reasonable exercises. If users want to lose weight, the application will offer the best practices to burn calories. If you do not have any special requirements, the app will base on your weight and height to give the most reasonable exercises. They will be divided into different days for players to practice. Each day will have different exercises to impact different muscle groups. Just follow the application, users will quickly get a healthy body to enjoy life.

Specific instructions
This application has more than 200 different movements for users to practice, but not everyone can do all of them correctly. As long as the user makes the wrong move, even the smallest, it will still harm the user. So to make sure everything is right, this app has included illustrations for users to follow. The images will describe what the user needs to do to act correctly. This will give users the best quality for you to enjoy.