Casual Save The Girl (MOD, Unlocked/Money)

Save The Girl (MOD, Unlocked/Money)

  • Publisher: Save The Girl
  • Version: 1.1.7
  • Category: Casual
  • Size: 169M
  • Update: July 11, 2020 at 2:19 am
  • Available at: Google Play


There is no denying the fact that action games are the trend of the world gaming industry today. But somewhere in the market, there are still many other genre games like attracting a lot of players. In particular, the game Save The Girl is a puzzle game that players can experience. This game is a combination of many different genres, such as action, but in which the puzzle is still the mainstream of the game. If players want to take part in an adventure that the game brings, please download this game right away. There are many exciting things that the game gives players to experience.

Players will be playing a girl who is being kidnapped by a unicorn mask, which captures and uses a basement to keep the player. The player is a normal girl and has no idea what reason he kidnapped the player for. The player successfully used his loopholes to escape from this house. But that hasn’t ended yet because he will chase the player to catch you one more time. The player will have to go through many different challenges to be able to escape from him successfully.

System of puzzles

What many players feel most impressive about the game is the system of puzzles brought by the game to challenge players. In many other games, they only link a few puzzles together, but this game is not like that, it is a system that is tied together. So they will appear continuously during the game. So players will have to think very carefully to be able to answer the question to be able to continue to other locations. When the player seems to have completed the game, then you realize that there is another question waiting for you.

Many but not difficult

Although the game has a lot of different puzzles to challenge players, almost all of them are not too difficult for players to solve. Each time a player encounters an obstacle, the game will give the player two choices so the player can choose. But only one of the two options is right for players to overcome that challenge. But if the player chooses the wrong one, the player will answer the game immediately, so be careful before answering. Players need to think in the case that the player is encountering what will be helpful for the player to choose. For example, when a player meets a fierce dog, the game will give two options for the player to choose, a rubber chicken and a piece of meat. Players should choose pieces of meat to be able to lure them to eat pieces of meat and easily pass through them.

Play games with friends

Playing games alone will certainly not be as fun as playing with many other people; at this time, players can share their experiences with others. When you play games with other people, they will also help a lot of players to be able to find the answer quickly. So every time players find it difficult, ask their friends to find the answer.

MOD Info?

  • Unlimited Money
  • All Unlocked

Save The Girl [MOD] [APK FILE]