Rovio Classics: Angry Birds

Rovio Classics: Angry Birds

Rovio Entertainment Corporation
Name Rovio Classics: Angry Birds
Package com.rovio.abclassic22
Publisher Rovio Entertainment Corporation
Category Puzzle
Version 1.1.1451
Size 99M
Requires Android 6.0
MOD Features No
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Introduce about Rovio Classics: Angry BirdsA competent recreation of Angry Birds!If you used to be angry but couldn't leave the Angry Birds game in the past, you will want to rediscover t...
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Introduce about Rovio Classics: Angry Birds

A competent recreation of Angry Birds!
If you used to be angry but couldn’t leave the Angry Birds game in the past, you will want to rediscover the once-joyous inhibitions of this renowned game in Rovio Classics: Angry Birds, a modified version of the game.


The context of the logic game displays in the Angry Birds series is likely not unfamiliar to those who have played. This refresh will also happen when the greedy wild pigs steal several eggs from the birds. This despicable theft has angered the birds. Then they are resolved to exact payback and retrieve their eggs.

How many challenges are there?

This excellent version features eight episodes with over 390 levels. All the characters from the original game emerge with updated appearances, more fluid movements, and an even more appealing physics simulation.


Only the ugly, selfish pigs are the opponents. Additionally, these pigs are skilled at concealing. After their thievery excursions in the forest, they constructed a series of formidable strongholds to conceal themselves. Will these fortifications impede the vengeance of the angry birds?

Each bird has a unique set of skills and fighting ability. You will next destroy all of the pigs’ defenses by utilizing your inherent strength and logical reasoning skills.
Your mission is to transform yourself into a gigantic bullet, then throw yourself on gigantic slingshots, align and launch yourself to pinch and destroy a series of the pigs’ powerful defensive systems.

The game’s control method becomes much more fascinating on a touch screen. In addition to lining the “bullet route,” accurately calculating the bullet’s speed and falling position, and selecting the appropriate bullet type, the birds in this version serve a variety of other purposes. Especially in stressful times, you can contact Mighty Eagle for assistance.

In each level, you will be given a specific amount and type of birds, as well as a corresponding gun design. The cowardly green pigs are sheltering within the fortress. Your mission is to utilize a giant slingshot, insert “bird bullets” into the sling, calculate and measure the size and distance, and then fire bullets at the pigs’ creations to destroy them. Make every effort to ensure that each attack destroys as many of the fortress’s major pieces as possible. If you successfully demolish the entire system and eliminate all pigs within it without using all or enough bird bullets, you win and advance to the next scene, and vice versa.

You will receive a substantial quantity of points after each victory. Additional bonus points will be awarded for the remaining bird bullets. Upon reaching a particular point, you will have access to new bird bullets with more destructive power.

The progression from simple to challenging is not always linear. However, they will be interspersed with “give-free” panels, allowing players to swiftly earn points and unlock further bird species.

Smoother visuals, better interfaces, and better physics simulation

The UI of Rovio Classics: Angry Birds has also been enhanced, providing players with a more complete perspective while playing. Even though it is simply 2D with a direct view, the camera automatically adjusts the distance according on the scenario, allowing you to sometimes watch the entire scene to assess the height and width of the slingshot in comparison to the pig stronghold. Occasionally, it zooms in on the birds and the defensive system so that you can observe the entire process of devastation. This talent is also an element that contributes to so much happiness.

Additionally, the physics simulation in Rovio Classics: Angry Birds is scored higher than in the original. Depending on the changing impact force and weight of the object, the impact and chain effect when several objects in the system fall to the ground and disintegrate can be instantaneous or gradually. Everything is reasonable, producing a nice and entirely pleasing sensation.

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Download Rovio Classics: Angry Birds APK free for Android

Rovio Classics: Angry Birds reintroduces the game Angry Birds with a refined user interface and additional levels. Remember to play Rovio Classics: Angry Birds, regardless of whether you have played Angry Birds before or not. There are plenty new things to find throughout the game.

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