Robbery Bob

Robbery Bob

Name Robbery Bob
Publisher Deca_games
Category Action
Version 1.21.3
Size 49M
Requires Android 4.4
MOD Features Unlimited Money, Unlocked All
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Introduce about Robbery BobWe have played a large number of games that have cops fighting crime, heroes fighting evil guys to protect the planet, etc... But have you ever played a game in w...
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Introduce about Robbery Bob

We have played a large number of games that have cops fighting crime, heroes fighting evil guys to protect the planet, etc… But have you ever played a game in which you take on the role of a thief? Robbery Bob is a popular mobile role-playing game with exciting gameplay and gorgeous graphics that gives players the pleasure of stealing costly stuff from strongly secured homes.

The sneaky thief

If you’ve heard about Robin Hood taking wealth for the poor, then Bob is a bit different. Bob is uneducated, unemployed, a former thief, and wants to be a nice person, but other thieves recognize his talent and want him to complete the final assignment for a substantial quantity of money. Bob agreed, naturally.

Funny gameplay

When playing Robbery Bob, you must learn how to move stealthily, just as a genuine burglar would. At the start of the game, you will encounter a second notorious thief who will instruct you on the game, its rules, and what you must accomplish on each level. Begin your career as a thief by breaking into a house with no security or residents, stealing the desired object before returning to the front door and escaping. If you believe it is too easy, don’t rejoice just yet because the levels contain things that a thief despises, such as a large man, a fierce housewife wielding a pestle, or even the security guard, a dog equipped with a security camera.

To obtain the highest possible score in the game (three stars), you must fulfill all three requirements: unnoticed, “clean” all money in the house, and within the allotted time. Finding the “hole” in the house and moving unobserved makes it a very simple task. Additionally, Bob has the ability to conceal himself like a ninja by hiding in a bush, sofa, or even a toilet.

Robbery Bob’s controls are straightforward, with a virtual key on the left allowing movement and a virtual key on the right allowing for acceleration (need time to recover). Bob moves stealthily, but if he runs, he will make noises that will catch the attention of the people in the building. In addition, you should always close the door when you enter a room, because if the owner discovers an open door, he will likely search the area and locate you.

3 chapters, 150 level

Three chapters, including the 150-level chapter, will take you through a variety of communities, not just one house. Certain chapters (Bonus) can only be obtained by paying cash. Each level relates to a certain residence whose security system necessitates a surprise attack. I guarantee that you will be caught by the guard multiple times during the course of the game. Guards are scary AI, but they are easy to outsmart and have multiple weaknesses. Also, do not forget to improve your stealing talents by, for example, moving quicker or boosting your physical strength so that you can run for longer.

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Graphics and sound

Robbery Bob is a lighthearted game whose objective is to amuse, therefore the game’s visuals are vivid and hilarious. In addition, the top-down perspective makes it easy for the player to determine which room is the most secure by seeing nearby rooms. I recommend disabling 3G, 4G, and Wifi for a more fluid experience, as advertisements typically occur when beginning a new level.

MOD APK version of Robbery Bob

MOD features

Unlimited Money: Money increase when you use.
Unlocked All: All chapters of the game have been unlocked.

Download Robbery Bob MOD APK for Android

Overall, although the graphics are not really impressive, Robbery Bob is still worth playing by the fun gameplay. Start the journey of the notorious thief today by downloading the game to your phone via our links below.

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