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Introduce about ReminiEveryone wishes to save priceless moments in life, photographs of friends and family, or maybe just a few odd fascinating things that appear by keeping them in photogr...
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Introduce about Remini

Everyone wishes to save priceless moments in life, photographs of friends and family, or maybe just a few odd fascinating things that appear by keeping them in photographs. However, occasionally, you will obtain images of poor quality, which detracts from the photographs’ value. Alternatively, you may choose to restore vintage photographs to their original state.

All of these prerequisites will be met by Remini. Since its release in early 2019, Remini has established itself as a must-have tool for professional photo editors. It is regarded as a superior program due to its abundance of useful features and exciting tools.

Enhanced photo recovery capabilities

Remini’s photo recovery option helps enhance the clarity and sharpness of low-quality, hazy, or blurred photos. Rather than relying on manual editing as other applications do, Remini will perform these tasks automatically on behalf of users owing to powerful AI technology.

Users just only to activate the Enhance mode, choose a photo from their gallery, and wait for their photos to be recovered. Additionally, users can utilize the tools to rotate the image in any direction they like before deciding to restore it, and then adjust the aspect ratio accordingly. Additionally, Remini allows users to compare images taken before and after the recovery process, allowing them to clearly perceive the difference. The images have been refreshed, made cleaner and sharper, and the colors have been brightened.

Video enhance

Additionally, Remini enables viewers to enhance the clarity of low-resolution videos. Corrects fuzzy recordings and enables clear visual playback of previously recorded videos on a larger display device. Continue to employ straightforward techniques such as image recovery. However, prior to altering a video, users must save the video’s name (maximum 50 characters). This function is ideal for videos shot in poor light or with blurred edges. Additionally, viewers can add optional captions to enhance the video’s uniqueness and intrigue.


Following photo recovery, the user’s device will automatically download the newly recovered photos. Users can, however, review both old unedited images and fresh photos in the History section. Remini’s adoption of this feature assures that consumers never have to worry about mistakenly deleting a photo.

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Premium version

If you are a professional photo editor and the free features of Remini do not match your needs, you can subscribe to a Pro membership. Remini offers several times more unique features and tools with an enhanced account. You can also use the sophisticated photo recovery mode, which includes a variety of additional filters and choices. Not only are the restored images sharper and clearer, but they also have more fascinating styles.

Additionally, you may use the sophisticated Selfie mode, which allows you to edit images as you take them. This mode sharpens the image, automatically removes wrinkles and blemishes, and imparts a radiant and lively appearance to the photograph. Numerous account upgrade programs are available, each with a different price and time commitment. Select the upgrade plan that is most appropriate for your business in order to avoid wasting money and to take advantage of as many features as possible.

Why is Remini worth downloading?

This application makes extensive use of modern artificial intelligence technology, including image recovery capabilities. With so many powerful features and an intuitive design, you can complete the majority of tasks efficiently and quickly. And specifically, this program is now available in English, is compatible with the Android operating system, and is absolutely free to download and use.

MOD APK version of Remini

MOD Feature

There is currently no MOD version.

Download Remini APK for Android

What's Latest New Remini

Hello Remini Users, It's a great day to try our Enhance feature! We just fixed a little bug that improves the overall performance. Cheers The Remini Team

This is a great app to change the look of your low-quality photos. Since its launch, the application has recovered more than 30 million photos, attracted more than 1 million downloads and received thousands of positive reviews (according to statistics from Google Play). Download and experience, you will be amazed at what Remini can bring.

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