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Introduce about QANDAScientific technology has advanced considerably in recent years. As a result, human life is more convenient. QANDA is the most popular educational application in Korea,...
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Introduce about QANDA

Scientific technology has advanced considerably in recent years. As a result, human life is more convenient. QANDA is the most popular educational application in Korea, utilizing cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI) technology. Now, there is no need for centers or schools; you may easily and successfully learn how to do mathematical problems right on your Android phone. Rather of wasting an entire day searching for a method, you can learn it from others.

This page will provide an overview of QANDA, its features, and its utility. You can then select whether to download the app to try it out.

What is QANDA?

QANDA  is an abbreviation for QUESTION AND ANSWER. Perhaps this title also serves as a partial explanation of how the application operates. QANDA’s primary function is to assist you in locating answers (exact or similar) to the input question. To utilize it, you’ll use your device’s camera to snap a photo of the query and then tap search.

How does QANDA work?

When QANDA receives an image containing the question, it automatically recognizes letters, numbers, math, and handwritten writing and searches for the answer. Take note that the QANDA did not accurately answer the question. It searches the forums for comparable problems/questions and returns the results for you. This manner, you can obtain more solutions by utilizing a variety of problem-solving techniques rather than relying on a single strategy. This is also the primary distinction between QANDA and Photomath, two of the most popular educational programs available today.

An app that helps you to solve most of the math problems in high school

QANDA currently offers homework help and solutions for three different educational levels: elementary, middle, and high school. When the app launches for the first time, you can select your current grade. The system will filter content based on this information in order to locate results more quickly.

Not only does QANDA have a huge community of math experts, but it also has a large community of experts in natural sciences such as physics and chemistry.

Additionally, QANDA is regarded as an application that fosters enthusiasm for studying. Are you tired of studying alone, having no one to ask questions, or being assigned assignments that are too complicated? This community of millions of users is constantly by your side, assisting you in overcoming obstacles. From there, you’ll increase your motivation and enjoyment of learning by being a part of a community that shares your enthusiasm.

English translation tool

If you’re studying English, translating, or seeking up words, QANDA’s English translation tool will assist you. All you need to do is use the camera to record a section of English text. The application will recognize the content contained within and return the associated meanings. Numerous reviews indicate that QANDA performs significantly better than Google Translate. Completely translated sentences are read fairly fluently and grammatically. Of course, you can leave a like if you find it beneficial, or you can leave a dislike and make improvements to your app’s translation quality.

You can also try other Educational apps like Programming Hub and Mimo.

Q&A with tutors

Machine learning technologies will assist you in locating previously uploaded results that are similar. What if, though, you are unable to locate or comprehend the solution to the problem? Not to worry; QANDA offers a sizable network of tutors where you can directly ask them questions and receive the most detailed responses.

To utilize this function, swipe from the search symbol to the question icon and then photograph the question. Then, a setup box will appear, allowing you to enter extra information such as grade level knowledge, subject knowledge (math, science, English, social), and supplementary notes or images relating to the question. The system will match you with the most suitable tutor based on this information.

At the moment, the Q&A option with tutors costs between 1500 and 2000 cents. If you choose to use this option, you must pay teachers with money.

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What's Latest New QANDA

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Not only bring knowledge and solutions to the “conundrum” problems, but the application is also a community where people learn and progress together. Thanks to the above reasons, QANDA has become the top 1 educational application in Korea, reaching 4.3/5 rating points and more than 10 million downloads.

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