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Psiphon Pro

Psiphon Inc.
Name Psiphon Pro
Package com.psiphon3.subscription
Publisher Psiphon Inc.
Category Utilities
Version 349
Size 24M
Requires Android 4.0
MOD Features Subscribed
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Introduce about Psiphon ProEverything you seek is accessible via the Internet. However, you may be unable to access those sites at times due to factors such as distance, geographic location...
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Introduce about Psiphon Pro

Everything you seek is accessible via the Internet. However, you may be unable to access those sites at times due to factors such as distance, geographic location, or objectionable content. And therefore, VPN services and false IPs were born to address this issue. Psiphon Pro is one of them; it is a more powerful version of the Psiphon application. Utilize Psiphon Pro to avoid your country’s firewalls and censorship, as well as website owners, and browse the Internet’s limitless content repository.

Secure access when using public WiFi

Nowadays, you can simply locate and connect to public wifi hotspots anywhere you go. This has gained popularity since it enables users to access the Internet whenever they want. There are, nevertheless, some risks. This URL can be used by hackers to read surfing data, gain access to devices, install malware, or even steal personal information. Psiphon Pro safeguards users by establishing a separate access tunnel, so erecting a barrier against third-party threats. As a result, you can browse the Internet with confidence. If you do not wish to enable a secure connection for the entire device, you may also enable secure connections for individual browsers.

Large server network

Psiphon Inc is one of the most innovative VPN service providers on the market today. They have thousands of servers spread across the globe. This has a variety of advantages, including maintaining a steady VPN connection. If this server becomes unavailable, your connection will be instantly moved to another to avoid disrupting the line. The second advantage is that excessive access is no longer concentrated on a single server. Thus, download speeds will be greatly increased, while bandwidth will remain consistent and uncongested. The third advantage is that the program always prioritizes connecting to the nearest server in order to maximize data transmission and exchange performance.

You can also try Panda VPN Pro and application available on  APKZARA.

High-speed access

The ability to automatically locate and connect to the nearest servers considerably improves access speed. Although Psiphon Inc is a free application, it does not provide substandard services. In comparison to other VPN apps, Psiphon Pro does not impose speed limits, ensuring the greatest possible experience. As a result, it has gained a huge monthly active user base. Before utilizing Psiphon Pro, ensure that you provide access and specify a location for it.


Another benefit that I neglected to mention previously is analytics. Here, you’ll see the total amount of data delivered and received, as well as the duration of the connection. It is displayed as a real-time pulse table, which adds another layer of visibility to the tracking process. You can enable the waiting period if you are aware of insufficient bandwidth and a terrible connection.

The reason you should use Psiphon Pro

If you purchased the Pro version, you get access to more settings under the settings. To begin, Psiphon Pro will get information about the proxy server’s IP address, port, username, and password, as well as the related domain, when configured manually. Specifically, depending on the intended use, you can activate authentication or connect over HTTP.

Second, the server and access area are completely unlocked. Double-click the region selection in the settings interface. They will all appear for you to select from. However, for optimal performance, you should leave it on automated mode.

Finally, the capacity to access and exchange data concurrently using a variety of protocols, the most prevalent of which being HTTP / HTTPS or TCP. This results in a faster data transfer and transfer rate, as well as the process remaining unharmed.

MOD APK version of Psiphon Pro

MOD features

  • Subscribed, no speed limit.
  • Remove PsiCash Tab.
  • Disable ANALYTICS.
  • Disable opening the browser after connecting.

Download Psiphon Pro MOD APK for Android

There are many VPN service providers but Psiphon Inc is always a priority choice for many people. Their service is good and meets the needs that users are looking for. You can verify it after using Psiphon Pro. Please download this app via the link below. It’s completely free.

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