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Introduce about ProShotTransform your phone's camera into a true DSLR.How to upgrade the normal camera on the mobile phone?Have you ever thought that your phone's camera is occ...
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Introduce about ProShot

Transform your phone’s camera into a true DSLR.

How to upgrade the normal camera on the mobile phone?

Have you ever thought that your phone’s camera is occasionally unsuitable for shooting a nice photograph? Is there a way to adjust the camera’s custom parameters such that the shots come out fantastic without using Photoshop? There is. It is called ProShot.

ProShot enables advanced camera customizations for Android devices, including shutter speed control, ISO adjustment, white balance, gray balance, and more. It is one of the few apps that enables for extensive manipulation of the hardware’s camera capabilities. The Android community has shown a high level of trust in ProShot. And it has been demonstrating its growing importance by consistently being listed to major technology websites’ top lists of favorite applications, such as Engadget and Gizmodo.

The ProShot interface is highly intuitive to use: the background is black, the text and icons are white, and the currently selected features are highlighted in blue. Each icon has a distinct name, and when clicked, a few words of commentary display. Anyone can utilize this design as long as they understand basic English.

What can you do with ProShot?

Consider that the phone is no longer connected to a standard camera capable of producing mid-range images, but has been upgraded to a genuine DSLR camera. This implies that ProShot has all of the adjustment options found on a genuine DSLR camera.

You have the option of manual or automatic control. Wherein:

  • Auto mode has been completely configured in advance. You simply hold up, focus, and fire. Naturally, the photo’s quality will be significantly lower than when taken without ProShot. I promise it will be significantly better.
  • Manual control mode allows you to fine-tune all aspects associated with semi-professional photography, including exposure, flash, focus, ISO adjustment, shutter speed, and white balance. ProShot offers Light Painting with an unlimited shutter, allowing you to fine-tune the exposure to your desire.

Additionally, similar to a traditional camera, you can save photos as RAW or JPEG files depending on their intended use. Additionally, you can set the aspect ratio (16:9, 4:3, or 1:1) or tailor the aspect ratio for shooting as desired (21:9, 17:10, 50:3).

A little point is that before using ProShot, you need download the ProShot Evaluator app to determine the specific camera parameters accessible on your smartphone and to receive recommendations on compatible features that will enable you to use ProShot more quickly and effectively.

You can also try FiLMiC Pro and Photo Editor Pro application available on HOSTZFEVER.

The ability to interfere deeply into a mobile camera

ProShot provides extensive support for the camera’s exposure adjustment options. It is capable of initiating exposures in 1/3 stop increments up to +/-3.

If you only need to alter one of the dedicated indicators listed previously, you can select the one-indicator mode; the remaining indications will be modified automatically by the application’s AI. For instance, if shutter speed is prioritized, ISO and exposure will automatically follow suit without manual adjustment.

Manual focus is also pretty simple with ProShot. There are all of the necessary focus points, same as on professional cameras: three, six, or twelve. You have complete control over the focus of your photograph. Additionally, ProShot includes a zoom mode that may be accessed quickly simply touching once or twice continually.

Are you curious as to whether these signs also apply to the front camera? The answer is true, but only to the extent that it allows for exposure control, which aids in reducing the glare that is frequently noticed when taking selfies.

What about video making?

Along with the specialized actual camera simulation features mentioned previously, ProShot also provides heaven to people who enjoy capturing films on their phones with impressively advanced video features such as:

  • Video recording capability.
  • Supports recording video in 4K (3840×2160) resolution (with supported device).
  • The resolution, frame rate, and bit rate can all be adjusted.
  • Zoom and adjust any camera parameter while video is being recorded.
  • Audio input in real time.
  • Manually controlled timelapse video.
  • Provides Flash when video is being recorded.

Download ProShot free for Android

What's Latest New ProShot

• Improved lens compatibility with more devices, including Pixel 6• UI and storage fixes• Microphone permission is now optional

The app is light, easy to understand, easy to use. It intervenes in every corner of the camera available on mobile (from Android 6 and above) and turns the smartphone into a top-notch professional camera, which can be used for both filming and shooting, front camera and back camera. If you don’t use this app, it’s a pity.
Download ProShot right here to see the difference!

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