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Introduce about PortraitAIWhat is PortraitAI?Recently, you're likely to have seen a friend or a celebrity share one-of-a-kind 18th century portraits. Accomplish you ever wonder h...
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Introduce about PortraitAI

What is PortraitAI?

Recently, you’re likely to have seen a friend or a celebrity share one-of-a-kind 18th century portraits. Accomplish you ever wonder how they manage to do it? Simply said, they used PortraitAI, a traditional style avatar maker for Android and iOS.

From a website that allows users to upload photos and generate unique avatars, the developers of PortraitAI have continued to evolve their goods into easily accessible apps. This program is available for download and usage entirely free of charge. However, if you wish to access Pro features, you must upgrade to the Pro version.

How to get a beautiful photo with PortraitAI?

If you want a traditional portrait for your Facebook or Instagram avatar, you must pay an artist. However, the development of PortraitAI simplified the process to a few simple steps. You simply add a photo that you’d like to convert to a painting and wait a few seconds for the app’s AI to assess and present you with the result.

Of course, any photo can be used to create a portrait, as long as it contains your face. However, if you want the app to produce the greatest results, there are a few guidelines to follow. To begin, a photograph that resembles a passport portrait will work best. A passport-style portrait photo is the most similar to the original data, making it simple to get a picture as gorgeous as you would expect. Additionally, do not be afraid to experiment with a variety of different photographs. If the image is distorted, repeat the procedure until you obtain a satisfactory image.

Because your face is the spirit of the photograph, you should choose shots that feature as much light as possible on your face. Verify that your whole face is visible in the photograph and that you are not wearing a mask, hat, or glasses if you do not wish to be transformed into an alien. A high-definition photograph is also a benefit because it aids in creating a stunning image and makes it easier for people to recognize you in the photograph.
FaceApp and Prisma MOD APK are two further apps that allow you to make amusing images from your face. Not to be missed!

Keep a serious face, don’t laugh!

In painting, skilled painters rarely depict a smiling subject since such a vivid expression as a smile can distort the image. PortraitAI’s AI is likewise based on painting fundamentals. Thus, if you use a photograph that makes you giggle, you can deform a paint.

Should you use PortraitAI Pro version?

The free version of PortraitAI is limited to using standard portrait photographs. If you require additional styles, please upgrade to the Pro version. Even better, after years of work, PortraitAI is now capable of converting your videos to the classic Renaissance style.

Is PortraitAI safe?

Previously, FaceApp, one of the apps that generated humorous images from people’s faces, used the same approach as PortraitAI in the face of user data gathering concerns. PortraitAI guarantees to users that they will never exploit their images for commercial purposes. After 24 hours, all photographs will be immediately erased.

MOD APK version of PortraitAI

MOD feature

Pro Unlocked: Features of Pro version have been unlocked.

Download PortraitAI Pro MOD APK for Android

What's Latest New PortraitAI

Performance improvement

With PortraitAI, you will easily create a portrait painting like Mona Lisa of Leonardo da Vinci. Your painting can even be hung in a museum, no one will doubting it. Please download the app via the links below!

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