App Name Podcast Republic
Publisher Podcast Republic
Genre Apps
Size 14.7MB
Latest Version 21.8.30R
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Update September 6, 2021

Have you ever heard of Podcasts? So what is a podcast? By definition, podcasts are like a series of audio or digital video files that users can download and listen to. It is similar to Radio stations, but the difference between them is that podcasts will be popular in many different areas while Radio only focuses on certain common areas. And today, I will introduce you to an application that makes it easier for you to follow Podcast channels around the world. It’s the Podcast Republic, an application that links with Podcast channels around the world, and even has a Radio category for users.

All popular Podcasts
It is an application that helps users reach the world of Podcasts, of course, it will contain about 600 thousand different Podcast channels for users to follow. They will be divided into many main areas such as sports, politics, music, … to easily distinguish the different Podcast channels. There are countless different areas for users to search for. If first-time users, they will be introduced to the popular and popular Podcast channels recently. Either user can search by individual fields or are suggested by based on their recent activity.

Wondering what will be inside a Podcast channel and want to know it? Simply select a Podcast channel that you are interested in. Then on its contents, you will find the audio episodes that the channel has recently played. These audio files are displayed with the date and time of release, users can still replay without any problems. This is also a plus point from this application, many users are very busy with life, so they do not have time to listen to the newsletter regularly. But they can still access each and every Podcast channel and replay everything to make sure they don’t miss anything.
Search and smart filters
With the number of 600,000 Podcast channels, users can’t check them all and they won’t have enough time for that. Therefore, the search engine is one thing that users will need. With smart search, users will shorten their search time and immediately find suitable Podcast channels for themselves. Just type the required keyword into the search bar, it will instantly display Podcast channels with related content. Or, you can still search Podcast channels directly for yourself if you can’t find it on the homepage.
This is a special category for the Podcast channels you have subscribed to, the subscription to Podcast channels will help you to easily follow their content. As long as these Podcast channels have new activities, the application will immediately notify users to watch them. Moreover, through Subscriptions, it will help you shorten the time to access your Podcast channels. Because the channels you have subscribed to will always be displayed first on the homepage and their accompanying content.
There is another way for users to replay the episodes that they have missed, of course, to download those episodes. The download has its own benefit, that is, users can watch anytime, anywhere. Instead of a normal user, an internet connection is required to use this application. But with downloading episodes that I miss or like, users will be easier to share with others and anytime, anywhere.