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Size 16M
Requires Android 4.2
MOD Features VIP Unlocked
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Introduce about PLAYitHandy video player for AndroidBefore I discuss PLAYit's comprehensive functionality, I'd like to expose you to the application's core functionalities. This ...
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Introduce about PLAYit

Handy video player for Android

Before I discuss PLAYit’s comprehensive functionality, I’d like to expose you to the application’s core functionalities. This is a highly useful video player that allows you to customize the video according to your usage requirements. Indeed, users make and use apps like PLAYit extensively, either because the majority of Android devices lack a built-in player or because the built-in player lacks the functionalities they require.

You may modify the lighting, volume, and playback speed directly on the movie playback screen with PLAYit. Swiping left, right, or up, down corresponds to each section of the screen. It has a light adjustment area on the left, a volume adjustment area on the right, and a zoom in/out area in the middle.

Additionally, PLAYit offers video playback in a pop-up mode. You can keep view your favorite videos even if you exit the app to access another. Additionally, the PLAYit rotates the screen horizontally/vertically without requiring the user to activate the device rotation capability.

Download videos from social networks easily

Apart from watching and playing videos, PLAYit is an excellent Android video downloader. For instance, if you’re browsing Facebook or Twitter and come across fascinating videos that you’d like to download to your smartphone, you’ll require PLAYit.

To do so, simply enter the url of the social networking site from which you wish to download the media file into the url search window. The application will determine the source of the media and present you with the appropriate download tool for saving it to your device. PLAYit currently offers a video downloader for the majority of popular social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Whatsapp, Instagram, Tiktok, TED, and Vimeo.

Additionally, you may manage your downloads by touching the arrow icon in the screen’s upper right corner. The following is a list of files that have been downloaded and loaded. You can determine the location of the downloaded file, monitor the download’s speed and progress, and cancel the download if desired.

Integrated music player

Apart from the capabilities listed previously, PLAYit is a well-known music player for Android devices. When you provide access to the RAM and read files from it, the application examines the device’s whole file system and then imports the music files into the player. To do so, simply navigate to “All Songs.”

Naturally, a music player will include capabilities such as search and filtering. PLAYit features robust filters that let you to search for tracks by album, artist, and more. You can arrange these tracks alphabetically by year of release or by name.

If your device does not contain music or if you wish to listen to music that is only available in the mp4 format, you can convert it to mp3 using PLAYit’s MP3 converter. This is accomplished by selecting the mp4 file to convert and then embedding it in the application’s converter. All further work will be done automatically, culminating in the creation of the desired mp3 file. However, if you utilize the free version, the conversion process will be limited.

About themes

PLAYit is available in two color schemes: Dark Color and Light Color. You can switch between them by navigating to “Theme”. You’ll find a variety of various themes here, each with its own own color scheme and style. PLAYit operates on a coin-based basis. You can win coins by taking part in unique activities such as lucky spins, watching advertisements, and so on. Additionally, coins can be used to purchase new themes.

Black Marble, Moonlight, Monet Painting, Iron Mecha, Need for Speed, and Nature Green are the most popular themes. Each variety costs between 500 and 2500 coins, depending on its design.

MOD APK version of PLAYit

MOD feature

VIP Unlocked

VIP features

The annual VIP plan costs $ 9.99 and monthly is $ 2.99. You can add a payment method and use the free trial for the first three days. Of course, you can cancel your VIP package at any time.

  • Unlock unlimited MP3 converter
  • Unlock a whole collection of unique skins
  • Remove ads

Download PLAYit MOD APK for Android

What's Latest New PLAYit

Thanks for using PLAYit!We've made some further improvements:1. Support media management, you can now easily manage the videos and music on your phone.2. Private video folder is available now3. Face-to-face transfer is supported.4. Video playback support memorized brightness.5. Long press the screen to trigger the speed play function when playing a video.6. Some bugs are fixed.

Are you looking for a video player, music player, including an MP3 downloader and converter? Use PLAYit, all in one. This app is completely free, and you can even use VIP features with our MOD APK version.

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