Pixel Car Racer

Pixel Car Racer

Studio Furukawa
Name Pixel Car Racer
Package com.StudioFurukawa.PixelCarRacer
Publisher Studio Furukawa
Category Racing
Version 1.2.3
Size 52M
Requires Android 4.1
MOD Features Unlimited Money, No Ads
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Pixel Car Racer: Retro racing game but lots of inspirationThe best pixel-art racing game for AndroidOnce again, a racing game, a timeless concept pursued with passion by game mak...
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Pixel Car Racer: Retro racing game but lots of inspiration

The best pixel-art racing game for Android

Once again, a racing game, a timeless concept pursued with passion by game makers. This time is also an exception to the rule; Pixel Car Racer is a quite distinctive racing game, with strange pixel-art graphics, arcade gameplay, and retro races, promising to deliver exciting entertaining races.

Not only are you a regular racer in the game, but you’re also a garage owner with a large collection of supercars, current engines, and tools. Occasionally, you race not for a championship, but for a reward that is an attachment for the car you are lacking.

Naturally, I recommend playing racing games in particular and sports in general on a smartphone with a large screen and headphones. Because these games’ aesthetics, effects, sound, and background music all have a significant impact on your gameplay experience, and the majority of them are quite motivating.

Customize your cars and racetracks

To begin, you’ll enter your garage and have the freedom to select whatever supercar you desire. Then, using your tools, you can personalize the automobile in a variety of ways, including changing the basic color scheme, vignettes, wheels, frame, nose, bottom, ceiling, and height. You may even intervene deeper into the interior of the car by altering the speed, repairing the brakes, or boosting the vehicle’s strength and resistance during extended races. Of course, even if it is your garage, upgrading the car in this manner incurs a cost.

Later on in the race, you’ll be able to earn money and enhance your collection of vehicles, accessories, and gear. Pixel Car Racer has over 100 unique supercars, each with over 1,000 interchangeable interior and exterior pieces. Naturally, you can visualize the cars’ luxury with each upgrade.

Exciting races with varied modes

The automobile has been completed. Let us now enter. To begin, you can play against your computer or against any other player on the network. Whichever option you choose, you must launch at top speed, allowing your adversary to smell the smoke. The sensation of racing a game is not just about the tracks, not just about the beautiful cars, but also about the competition on every centimeter of asphalt. Doesn’t it feel wonderful?

I assumed the game’s pixel art aesthetics would make creating interesting tracks more difficult, but Pixel Car Racer demonstrates the contrary. Avoid the graphics traps that is frequently encountered in 3D simulation racing games that are based on real-world races and sceneries. With this traditional pixel graphic and a little bit of care, the player will notice the strange, artificial, and unpleasant sensation that pervades the game.

However, it is different in Pixel Car Racer. This timeless retro graphic design has rendered you utterly indifferent to whether the tracks are real or not, and if the 3D perspective is reasonable or not. You were mainly worried with the car, the competition, and the road’s difficult spots.

Gameplay as for children, but also difficult to play

The gameplay is another good aspect of this game. Almost all actions on mobile phones and tablets consist of pressing and touching the screen. Using the steering wheel control frame displayed on the screen, you can quickly select the speed, turn left or right, accelerate or brake in the most direct manner possible, without the need for imagination or anything else.

The second plus is that Pixel Car Racer includes stuff. From little to huge, you’ll be able to collect numerous goods without needing to win. For instance, each time you pass a challenging turn, you’ll earn points and a bonus, which may be quite generous at times.

Thirdly, the game modes are excellent. Agree that online and offline play are both possible. However, in offline mode, you can access a variety of mini-games such as sprinting against the clock, infinite racing, free racing, and custom racing in long races.

You can also try other apps like GRID Autosport , Asphalt 8: Airborne and Asphalt 9: Legends.

MOD APK version of Pixel Car Racer

MOD feature

  • Unlimited Money: You start the game with 5000 Diamonds and Crates
  • No Ads

Download Pixel Car Racer MOD APK for Android

Do not hesitate anymore guys! Play this game now. It’s fun, in a very casual and childish way (but of course the difficulty isn’t for kids). Worthy is a relaxing time-killing game with no money, no brain damage. Download and play Pixel Car Racer MOD APK now!

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