App Name PixaMotion
Publisher Imagix AI Private Limited
Genre Apps
Size 31.5MB
Latest Version 1.0.4
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Update September 1, 2021

The art of photography and video editing has taken it to a new level, far beyond the imagination of people and their expectations. Start with something as simple as images inserted with a lot of effects, and adding further details to create a whole new impression. Videos, meanwhile, come alive thanks to each person’s editing talent, like slow-motion time or the appearance of effects. In that art, there is also the art of animation, where everything is still, but the effects are repeated, creating a completely new impression on everyone. When it comes up about creating animation pictures, PixaMotion is currently one of the most trusted applications as it can help users create a multitude of animations in no time.

PixaMotion is an application that helps users create video loops, or animations, that attract people with simple effects. Typically a waterfall photo, when everything is standing still, but the waterfall effect is repeated continuously, making the photo more alive than a normal photo. The application will support users with countless attractive tools and features for them to create an animation for themselves. Everything that users need to create an animated image, the application will have all and comes with detailed user guides. Of course, it also has an outstanding interface, adapted for the first-time user.

The interface of PixaMotion is designed to adapt to users quickly, so it must be flexible, simple, and create as much workspace as possible. Whenever a user wants to access a tab, they only need to use simple actions such as swipe, tap or shake, depending on personal settings. You can even access more advanced applications while editing thanks to the way the scroll bar appears on the screen. It can be said that the interface of the app uses simple, yet user-friendly colours, as well as creating many different user experiences for users to enjoy.
PixaMotion is a photo editor that can insert repeating effects to make every user’s photos more vivid and attractive. Interestingly, the user ‘s animations can be set as the device’ s wallpaper, and it is similar to a GIF or a short video, but it is repeated. However, to get a perfect animation, users need to have perfect material so that the application will come with a professional editor. Through this editor, users will have access to advanced features, such as effects, brightness, filters, and more. After having a perfect material, the only task of the user is to choose the appropriate effect and adjust its dynamic direction.
If users want to create an authentic and vivid animation, then they need to have effects that match the image. “PixaMotion” will support users with a huge library of effects, meeting all needs that the user’s imagination can think of. Therefore, users can freely create countless great photos without worrying about the capabilities of the application; the user’s imagination is the only limit. To create a perfect animation effect, users just need to set their movement direction with lines, and these lines are connected by dots to form many segments. Because of that, users can create waves, motion effects like the wind, and even a flowing waterfall. Effects are also categorized into various categories, such as natural effects, artificial effects, entities, and more, giving users new things in their imagination.
PixaMotion not only allows users to add repetitive effects to make things more vivid, but it also allows users to decide what moves, what is not. Yes, even if there are still objects in the picture, it doesn’t mean that they will remain immobile. Through some unique features of the application, users only need to select the area to be moved, then repeat the process as when adding motion effects. With that feature, users were able to create a completely live picture from just a normal photo. Of course, when these images are exported, they can be set as background images for Desktop or phone. Users can now own a genuine, personal image, and make people impressed with their achievements.

PixaMotion is one of the most trusted applications in creating animations, looping videos, and making every photo come alive than ever. If you want to surprise your friends or people with these photos, then the app is available to you for free and unconditionally.