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Introduce about Photo to PDFImmediate image-to-PDF conversion!Why do you need to convert images to PDF?PDF is a relatively old file format, yet it is still a valuable "tool" as...
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Introduce about Photo to PDF

Immediate image-to-PDF conversion!

Why do you need to convert images to PDF?

PDF is a relatively old file format, yet it is still a valuable “tool” as an intermediary for printing, design, editing, and security.


When printing papers, printing a file in PDF format is the most secure method for ensuring that the design files are presented exactly as the original. As a result of the PDF standard, all computers and input/output devices will utilize the same file.

A PDF file stores every data, including font, position, and outline, ensuring that the files will open identically on any computer. Other file types, like PSD, DOC, CAD, CDR, and PUB, may not store all of these data, thus when files are shared and printed on multiple devices, they may not be identical.

As for the reasons why you cannot print to the original file or have a series of incompatibilities, it may be because different versions of the same program can cause the same file to be different, a Missing Fonts error can prevent the file from being displayed, and Missing plugins can render files inaccessible. Now, exporting the picture file to PDF before to printing helps prevent errors, prevents others from altering the file prior to printing, and assures that your files seem identical on all computers.

Converting JPG to PDF also reduces image file size without compromising image quality. And yet, it also permits linking many images within a single PDF file, making sharing more efficient.

PDFs are compatible with all operating systems and devices, including Windows 10, Mac OS X, Chrome OS, Android, Windows Phone, iPad, and Windows XP. PDF content, such as fonts, photos, and charts, is independent of the device used by the creator or the reader.

Moreover, PDF documents permit the customization of security settings. When creating a PDF file, you can disable the ability of the viewer to print, write comments, or copy text. Or vice manner, the owner is able to alter the editability as needed. Even if it’s not necessary, the owner of a PDF file can add an additional layer of protection using a password or fingerprint in order to safeguard the file’s contents.

In most cases, converting photos to PDF documents will be advantageous. Particularly the security phase and the protection of the original file’s identity regardless of the device or operating system utilized. To convert an image file to a PDF file, however, a specialized application, such as Photo to PDF, is required.

What is Photo to PDF?

Photo to PDF is a program that facilitates the conversion of image files to PDF documents.

What can this app can help you?

The first step is to take a picture of the document using the application’s camera capability. This image file may then be converted to a PDF with a single tap. You can also combine many photos to produce a multi-page PDF file. One or two touches suffice to do any work.

You can flexibly alter the image’s vertical and horizontal dimensions when converting photos to PDF documents. According to the initial parameters the user selects, the PDF file that is generated contains all of the specified photos. With any original image, the quality and resolution of the lines and colors are maintained in the PDF version. From this location, you are able to print and send emails securely, as well as share with many sources.

For each PDF file created, the application always creates a backup copy in the device’s folder. It when you need to review it, you may do so with your device’s browser without having to launch Photo to PDF.

Photo to PDF’s user interface is intuitive. Plain backdrop color and basic, legible typography. And there is no need to go through many processes; you simply need to examine the function buttons that can be utilized. This means that converting files to PDF will be accomplished efficiently and neatly, and that anyone, even those with less technological knowledge, can do it.

You can also try other apps like PDF Extra, TapScanner and CamScanner.

MOD APK version of Photo to PDF

MOD feature

Premium Unlocked

The list of Premium features

  • Automatically save all PDF files on your device
  • Edit the name before creating the PDF file
  • Optimize image size before creating PDF files

Download Photo to PDF APK & MOD for Android

What's Latest New Photo to PDF

• Image compression has been drastically improved. PDF takes up three times less memory with default settings.• Preview PDF before sending - to see it, disable immediate sending in the settings• Combine multiple images into PDF with high-speed image picker 🚀 PDF pages match the order of selected images• Choose where to save each created PDF• Easy access to last created file• Don't forget to change paper orientation – this works for both camera shots and images from gallery

Photo to PDF is lightweight, easy to use, converts image files to PDF quickly, and a host of other convenient extras. Those interested can download the application here.

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