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Introduce about PhontoAdd text to an image with elegance and convenience!When do you need to add text to the image?Everyone who uses social...
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Introduce about Phonto

Add text to an image with elegance and convenience!

When do you need to add text to the image?

Everyone who uses social networks must be familiar with Story, a feature that has generated numerous appealing youth trends. Inserting text onto a picture is one of the standard content editing techniques for Stories. The greater the visual impact of the Story, the stranger and more distinctive the text and the more effective the effect, the more unusual and unique the text.

In addition to social networks, there are numerous instances in which you may like to insert text into a picture to highlight the content you wish to display on the image or to highlight a part in the image. There are times when designing a family photo album necessitates writing significant dates directly on each photo… And having a certain application on your device will save you a great deal of time and energy. Always remember to download and utilize Phonto if you want to add text to photos with flair and a wealth of options.

Phonto is easy to use and friendly

This program includes more than 200 distinct fonts. And adding text to an image is a straightforward process. Upload the image you wish to alter into the application, choose the position of the text, select the font, type the text, resize the text by touching it with two fingers, drag it to zoom in or out, or select the size of the words from the boxes. Continue using two fingers to rotate the text in the desired direction, adjust the font until you’re satisfied, and add a new style to your text… Touch the screen to choose and rotate back and forth to customize the text transformation.

After you are satisfied, click save and choose to export to your device or publish directly to social networks.

It can be noticed that the greatest advantage of Phonto is its highly basic and intuitive UI. All functions are displayed on the same page, with no intermediate steps required. Everyone, regardless of age or location, is able to readily access and use it.

Customize the font freely to your liking

As stated previously, Phonto offers more than 200 really fantastic typefaces in a variety of styles, including classic, modern, neutral, minimalist, sophisticated, winding, and straight. However, if you are still dissatisfied, you can manually install alternative fonts. Simply download the font to your device, add it to Phonto, and you’ll be able to use it immediately for your next picture editing project. This feature enables users from a variety of nations to freely alter the font to better fit their language.

Phonto’s adaptability is further demonstrated by its capacity to alter numerous aspects of the words themselves. When adding text to an image, you have the option to position it wherever on the image. Then adjust the size, color, font, spacing between letters, distance between words, and distance between lines… Every modification has particular advantages. Such as resizing, the text will appear neater, slimmer, and better suited to the image and design intent; changing colors and fonts will make the image more polished and attractive; and adjusting the size between lines will make it simpler to read and feel more open. Simply edit freely to produce the greatest final product.

You can also try other apps like Lensa, Picskit and Cut Paste Photos.

Multiple ways to highlight text content

When adding text to a picture with Phonto, there are multiple ways to emphasize this text. Underline is one of the simplest and most popular techniques ideal for the current minimalist style. There are several odd underlining styles in Phonto, including single, double, triple, curved, straight, broken, polka dot, and textured lines… All are available. Occasionally, with a small amount of effect, the image and words on it have become quite special.

If you wish to highlight the text with a more complex artistic effect, you can also use the Text Shadow tool. There are numerous customizable shadow designs and colors for each typeface.

Use Phonto’s Blending function, which allows you to mix everything together to create a new effect for the text on the image, for a more complex approach.

MOD APK version of Phonto

MOD feature

Pro Unlocked

Download Phonto APK & MOD for Android

Simple interface and focused features make an easy-to-use app. Everything is displayed on one screen page. Inserting text/ text effects on images is fast, beautiful, and very flexible now. Phonto will help you add any text on the image most effectively and quickly.

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