App Name Phocus
Publisher Ray Informatics
Genre Apps
Size 101MB
Latest Version 16.0.0
Get it On PlayStore Link
Update September 6, 2021

Phocus was created to give users the best Portraits they can take with their smartphones.

You are a photography enthusiast who always wants to get the best pictures, but your phone does not meet the needs of your image quality, nor do you have the conditions to buy a high-quality camera? So do not worry! Because today, I will introduce to you an extremely great application, which will definitely solve the problem for you! That is Phocus, brought by Ray Informatics. Phocus has commented that it can outperform the camera on your phone. If you are using an iPhone 8, Phocus will help your camera become the camera of an iPhone XS or iPhone XSMax. It’s really hard to believe, but that’s the truth!

Portrait Mode & Portrait Lighting Editor
If you do not believe, let’s take a look at some of the comments from people who have used this app: “Make your phone popular. I want to trade my iPhone SE so I can have the camera features of 7 Plus and newer, but this app really does exactly what the XS does. Just as good as that. I decided to upgrade to iPhone 8. The camera was good. This app makes the phone any XS or XS Max. It’s all about Phocus !!! “- by Stung68, United States;” It has a great app. It’s just as great as the iPhone 7+ camera in portrait mode. Anyone who makes the app hey they all does great !!! You should definitely download this app. Great app !!!! “- Rozzimuch, Australia. And there are many other compliments to Phocus.
Next, we also go to the features of Focus
Phocus helps you edit the background of your photos in a unique way. It adds depth of field to the object by blurring the background automatically. Phocus is a photo editor that lets you blur the background and focus on the main subject, as well as bring you to the foreground with field effect. The newly updated portrait light lets you take great portraits like pro photos. It gives you studio lighting and mono light mode to make great portraits. In addition, you can use Phocus as a portrait camera and edit and blur your portraits.
Just add your photo to Phocus and touch the magic wand to blur the background and autofocus. Phocus smart app works for perfect recognition. The application uses depth of field effect and blurs the background.
You can take great portrait photos like studio work with vertical lighting. Lighting Portrait mode gives a very special light to your face while darkening the background. There are also two options for this feature. Stage lighting gives you the foreground with your own color. With monochrome lighting, you get cool black and white photos. You can take great photos using the vertical lighting tool.
Using portrait lighting, you can take magical portraits, just like studio work. Portrait light mode provides special light for the face while darkening the background. There are also two options for this feature that you can try and use quickly. The stage light takes you to the foreground with the color of your own choice, and with the monochrome light, you get great black and white photos.

These tools give you the power of a professional studio without the time and effort required to choose where to take photos. Along with that are the beautiful tones for you to choose for your photos. You can create images that are soulful in it, and the tones will help viewers feel the depth and meaning of the photos.
If you are a professional user, you can adjust by manual mode and brush, use the tool to adjust the amount of blur to create more elaborate and detailed products.
Phocus will undoubtedly be a photo-editing app worthy of having in your phone!