Pascal’s Wager

Pascal’s Wager

Giant Global
Name Pascal’s Wager
Publisher Giant Global
Category Action
Version 1.1.1
Size 71M
Requires Android 5.0
MOD Features No
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Introduce about Pascal's WagerHave you ever thought about a planet without a sun? This occurred in Pascal's Wager, Giant Global's most recent action vi...
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Introduce about Pascal’s Wager

Have you ever thought about a planet without a sun? This occurred in Pascal’s Wager, Giant Global’s most recent action video game release. It is anticipated that the game would briefly induce gamers to forget about the Dark Soul. The Android version of this game has finally been published, following its success on Xbox, PS4, and most recently iOS.

Of comparison to other role-playing games in the same genre, Pascal’s Wager is widely regarded for its over 20-hour-long, incredibly deep and profound plot. Numerous NPCs, lighting effects, and the narrator’s voice will guide you through an endless journey.


“A dark world, a fallen Sun.”
Colossus, the gods who bring light to all, is the subject of Pascal’s Wager. According to mythology, they first appeared when the sun vanished, bringing endless night to the entire country. Colossus emits light, disperses the Mist of the Night, and directs individuals to the Land of Light. Follow the Colossus in order to survive in the world of darkness. Thus, they are referred to as The Walking Gods.

The Colossus are dispersed across several locations. A mine is near the Colossus of Heggem. Humans rely on Heggem’s illumination to live and work. They await the arrival of a new migration.

Following Marred’s assaults, the Colossus of Adamina became weakened. However, his light is sufficient to defend the survivors from Sendril and the darkness. Nonetheless, much like the sun, the Colossus gradually and inexplicably collapsed. The beloved wife of the postman Terrence was lost. Terrence, believing that his wife’s disappearance had something to do with the destruction of the Colossi, set out to find her and discover the secrets of the world.


The images of Pascal’s Wager are difficult to ignore. It replicates a gloomy, frigid, and terrible world in a genuinely remarkable manner by utilizing 3D graphics. Overall, Giant Global has done an excellent job with the appearance of the Android edition. Despite the fact that a few effects are mismatched, Pascal’s Wager’s game retains a number of distinctive qualities.

The simulation of the setting, characters, and creatures is realistic and precise. You are immersed in a land of darkness, with peril at each step and from the character’s point of view. In conjunction with the game’s tempo, you will also enjoy the cut scenes’ excellent camera perspectives.

The sound

When discussing the sound design of Pascal’s Wager, I’m interested in two elements: music and narration. Regarding the audio, it cannot be denied that the publisher did an excellent job. Also contributing to the game’s chilly and dreary atmosphere is the use of sound. It succeeds in guiding players’ emotions in various places and narratives, causing them to feel enthusiastic, intrigued, and thrilled about not knowing what would happen next.

However, numerous users have complained about the game’s voice acting. Sometimes the voices do not match the ambiance and background music. It creates a somewhat weird overall picture. You may understand that the publisher has a limited budget. Hopefully, this issue will be resolved in upcoming releases.


Pascal’s Wager’s gameplay is comparable to other games of the same genre, despite the game’s intricate and sophisticated tale. You select your preferred character, then engage in combat with them and explore the rest of the plot.

The game allows you to utilize two characters in combat; if one character is defeated, the other character can join in the fight and continue the fight. Additionally, you can swap two characters whenever you choose. This feature provides you with the ability to select the optimal strategy for each location.

Elegant design characterizes the console. The publisher wants you to appreciate the game video as much as possible, so they’ve reduced the control keys as much as possible so they don’t take up too much screen real estate.

The role-playing games’ standard control system. You control the character’s movement with the (concealed) virtual joystick on the left, while skills such as slashing, gliding, and blocking are performed using the keys on the right. Two horizontal bars display information such as mana and HP, rather than a single bar.


The figure mentioned in the plot, Terrence is a knight. He was already excommunicated from the Church for his transgressions. Eventually, he discovers a clue to Colossus’s demise. He embarked on a mission to unravel the Colossus mystery and locate his wife.

Viola is an armed gunner. After being unexpectedly saved from Sendril by Terrence, she joins him. Her past involving the Church is somewhat unknown. She did not reveal her true identity to anyone, including Terrence.

Norwood, who wears a mask, is a mysterious assassin. When they were both in Adamina, Norwood saved Terrence’s life. Even with only one arm, he was able to slay any Marred with ease.

Benita is a mage-capable monk. Terrence has no other friends. She gave up her eyesight to save her companions. Her lack of concern came from the fact that her environment was initially dark.

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Fixed License version of Pascal’s Wager APK

Pascal’s Wager is a paid game, and it is extremely secure. Therefore, you cannot install the game via regular APK files shared on the network.
APK version at APKMODY has fixed license errors, and you can experience this entire game when downloading.

How to install Pascal’s Wager

  • Download the APK and DATA files of Pascal’s Wager.
  • Unzip the file “”.
  • Copy the folder “” to “Android/data” .
  • Install the APK file.

Note: This is not OBB file.

Download Pascal’s Wager APK free for Android

Pascal’s Wager costs $ 3.99 on the Google Play store, but you can download and install it for free on our site. Are you ready to join the journey to find the light, which has disappeared too long in the human kingdom?

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