App Name Palette Summer
Publisher Palette, Inc.
Genre Apps
Size 8.50MB
Latest Version 1.0.6
Get it On PlayStore Link
Update September 10, 2021

Palette Summer – Technology is growing, the number of people wishing to use the social network is increasingly crowded and popular. One of those needs is sharing the image and state of the individual with others. Nowadays, there are many beauty products that are easy to use without the need to touch hands with makeup. Yes, it is not difficult to see beautiful photos, shimmering, eye-catching. All of these can be done with the easy-to-use Camera App tools found on application stores. Among them are the typical faces such as Camera360, SNOW, PicsArt, and Palette. Speaking of palettes, we must not be surprised with the color correction capabilities and the super-high filters that they bring. So far, the Palette has released five applications, including the Palette Summer.

Summer Palette is a photography application, of course, the primary function is to take pictures. However, besides that, the branding feature for these applications is the ability to edit a variety of colors, magic thanks to the filters and options available. Summer style, the Summer Palette will provide you with plenty of filters, all with bright colors. Each of your photos will look good and look good after going through each of the filters in the palette.
Topics such as landscapes, drinks, check-in, fruit, … all just a few simple operations, a beautiful photo will be released. However, for each of these filters, not all sets are suitable for each theme, but they only fit one of them. Try them all before saving them. In addition, the palette also provides the ability to edit extremely detailed for each filter; you can comfortably adjust when you like it. Most of these modifications are available on the internet. For each photo type, you can refer to get a nice quick photo. Or if you have enough knowledge about the color and basic elements of a photo, you can manually edit it. The parameters such as exposure, bold or light, contrast, saturation, … just adjust to the degree of arbitrary, you will also get a photo of the color of the style.
The palette also supports communication with existing social networks. You can share your beautiful photos together, share your photo recipes and share your photos with others. The higher the interaction, the better the image. Actually, this is very handy, if the old days you have to take pictures, then adjust and save to the computer, then re-upload to social networks, now it has become much faster.
In a nutshell, the palette is the top-of-the-line image editing application on the market, in line with other products. But each version of the palette offers different customizations, so using both the Summer Palette and the other 4 are all well-suited for professional and professional editing. Summer Palette is perfect for those who like a perfect photo. However, overusing the Palette Summer will sometimes cause your photo to lose its authenticity, so edit it a bit, do not be.