App Name Pakistani Actress Meera Sent to Mental Hospital in the USA – Confirmed!
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Update April 7, 2021

The scandal queen Meera is reportedly sent to a mental hospital over unstable mental conditions. Her mother has confirmed the news and requested higher authorities to bring her back. According to the latest news, Meera is forcefully admitted to a mental hospital by American doctors due to a dispute with an American influential person.

Meera in mental hospital

The film and drama star needs no introduction; she always makes headlines because of her personality. Undoubtedly, Meera knows how to stay in the news and limelight. She is seeking US citizenship; that’s why she makes constant visits to the USA. Recently, she was also stuck in a US hotel due to the pandemic.


News Confirmation About Meera’s Admission to Mental Hospital

Meera in mental hospital

The news about her admission to a mental asylum is authentic. Unlike usual unauthentic news, this news has been confirmed by her mother, Shafqat Begum, as reported by a local TV channel. According to the report, she was visiting the US pertaining to her citizenship case when she went to a local hospital for a checkup.

Meera mother confirmed her admission in mental hospital

The doctors have declared her mentally unstable and diagnosed her with yet unknown mental illness. She is shifted to a mental hospital as of now. Let’s see what will happen next.

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Source: GNN News Channel (Pakistan)


Meera is in Trouble! 

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