OS13 Launcher

OS13 Launcher

Model X Apps
Name OS13 Launcher
Package com.launcher.os.launcher
Publisher Model X Apps
Category Personalization
Version 5.7
Size 21M
Requires Android 4.4
MOD Features Prime Unlocked
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Introduce about OS13 LauncherA launcher application for Android phones that emulates the iOS experience.Android's strength is in its customizability. Unlike iOS, Android allows users to...
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Introduce about OS13 Launcher

A launcher application for Android phones that emulates the iOS experience.

Android’s strength is in its customizability. Unlike iOS, Android allows users to customize their device’s appearance from the smallest components via Launcher applications. Each Launcher application has its own unique set of features and appearance. If you’re seeking for an application that can transform your current phone into an iPhone X or iPhone 11-style handset, you may immediately download OS13 Launcher.

What is OS13 Launcher?

This is an iOS-style launcher that transforms your Android device into an iPhone X or iPhone 11-style device. With a few easy clicks, you can transform your phone into an Apple-like device. It is also possible to get speed, attractiveness, and luxury without sacrificing Android’s customization and personalization features.

To begin, let us state unequivocally that OS13 Launcher is inspired by the iOS 13 Launcher and is NOT the official iPhone launcher. This application is totally self-contained and does not require any Apple hardware. The primary objective is to provide an entirely new experience for Android users and to assist those of you who use Android smartphones in enjoying the iOS Launcher style with a variety of enhanced features.

Thus, OS13 Launcher is not unique; it has updated all iOS icons and backgrounds while maintaining the structure, appearance, tone, and mood of a standard iOS interface.

OS13 Launcher is bold iOS

This application is compatible with any Android device running version 4.4 or higher. Simply install it on your smartphone and you’ll instantly have a series of unified icons for the iOS-inspired application, including the layout, color scheme, and photos used to make the icons and background images. The phone you use on a daily basis now sports a new look, much like an authentic iPhone X or iPhone 11.

OS13 Launcher is compatible with all iOS icon packs and nearly all Google Play icons. Over 500 stunning themes and backgrounds are included in the program. You can freely show all the details of your phone’s backdrop with this number in a new style. For those who previously like the iOS launcher’s rather conventional structure and appealing “inflexibility,” OS13 Launcher is an excellent tool that allows you to experience the fascinating layout found on Apple phones.

Multi-use iOS control and management center

OS13 Launcher also supports the iOS Control Center, which adds convenience for users. This application manager enables you to rapidly locate a program using either a T9 or standard search. Additionally, you can quickly access it by swiping up from the screen. This is a unique feature not found in other iOS launchers.

Additionally, this manager has a nice feature: if an application is not used for 15 consecutive days, it is automatically moved to the “Rare use” folder, allowing you to easily categorize frequently used and rarely used applications, and then consider removing or rearranging the layout to make it more reasonable.

Additionally, the manager allows for folder classification of programs. You may quickly create folders and drag-and-drop corresponding apps into them to organize apps based on various criteria.

Manipulate with icons

While all of the icons on OS13 Launcher are in the iOS style, they have been meticulously rebuilt and include unique elements, rather than simply replicating the original. At any time, you can customize how these application icons are displayed. OS13 Launcher successfully marries the distinctive artistic style of iOS smartphones with the ease of customizing an Android device.

The OS13 Launcher features a built-in editing mode. Users can use this option to create folders or bulk-move icons by selecting several existing icons. Rearranging everything on your mobile to your satisfaction saves you a lot of time and effort.

OS13 Launcher also includes extra security tools such as Hide app and App lock to assist users in locking down critical programs and preventing unauthorized access.

OS13 Launcher has the greatest transitions and animations in comparison to other iOS Launcher apps. It enriches, expands, and glamorizes your mobile device. I feel so youthful and active just gazing at it.

You can also try other apps like Apex Launcher and Lucid Launcher Pro.

Support many useful utilities

They include features such as a phone booster, battery saver, junk cleaner, dual apps, and eye protection. Additionally, users can configure the screen grid size, the multi-dock page, and the dock background. Additionally, you’ll get access to the same Weather widgets as iPhone users, as well as a slew of useful gesture icons. These characteristics are compact in size yet extremely useful when used.

Additionally, you can instantly lock the screen layout with OS13 Launcher in one touch to prevent children or others from altering the sequence in which your phone is set up.

Additionally, OS13 Launcher allows you to alter the typeface and toggle between three color modes: Light, Dark, and Auto Adaptation to minimize eye strain in any lighting circumstances.

MOD APK version of OS13 Launcher

MOD feature

Prime Unlocked

Download OS13 Launcher APK & MOD for Android

The app has a minimalist interface that is easy to see and bold iOS, along with quick operation and many utilities to classify, search, edit the layout of icons. If you are looking for a Launcher application that simulates a powerful, easy-to-use iOS layout, then OS13 Launcher is one of the best choices.

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