Publisher Entertainment
Genre Apps
Size 10.1MB
Latest Version 2.0.4
Update August 30, 2021

OREO TV is a media & video application programmed to integrate all media functions into a small application for user satisfaction. In short, it is a reliable source of information; whether it be local or international news, users will always have all the news they need to relax. Not only that, but OREO TV also brings users countless attractive movies, with content mainly for Indians, but supports many international languages. This application guarantees users all content related to media and can link with other projection devices for a better experience.

OREO TV will continuously disseminate worldwide news to users and categorize them into separate varieties for users to select. The app’s home page will include media, videos, movies, and news, but they’re perfectly designed in a well-organized and user-friendly way. The news category will cover many different fields, such as sports, politics, military, and many other fields. Besides news, users also enjoy fashion magazines, cosmetics, and many other things for entertainment. All content in the world is mentioned in the news category, and users will enjoy them through many different display ways, such as text, video, etc.
The interface of OREO TV is well-organized, to categorize all content separately for users to enjoy. But many people will still feel uncomfortable, so the application will have the function to customize the interface, giving users the freedom to find the best user experience for themselves. Users can change font style, size, dark mode, theme color, and more. With the ability to customize the application’s interface, users will always enjoy the best user experience and easily disseminate news.
OREO TV is a media & video app, so it will have two separate categories for users, even attached with advanced features to improve the user experience. In the movie category, it will update new content every day, such as TV shows, series, movies, and many more around the world, even with subtitles in many international languages. Video category is where users interact with each other by content-rich videos. Users will be assisted with a search engine, helping them to find any video they want in each category. Both categories have one thing in common: they always guarantee the absolute viewing experience and support many changing tools.

OREO TV promises always to give users the best user experience when it comes to movies, TV shows, videos, and news. So users can personalize the way they want with app recommendations. Users can design the interface, filter content, and customize recommendations on the home page. The app will continuously make recommendations regarding the user’s activities, and the user can limit the recommended content to avoid diluting the homepage.
OREO TV is confident that it is one of the best applications for users to enjoy free media content. The application will also continuously update to add new features, and the content is constantly improving. It will be a perfect choice if you are looking for a simple, user-friendly, and content-rich application.