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Name Opera Browser
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Publisher Opera
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Version 69.0.3606.64982
Size 101M
Requires Android
MOD Features No Ads, VPN Unlocked
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Opera Browser: Safe, super-fast browsingSince the advent of smartphones, Opera Browser has rapidly created a mobile version in order to bring attention to a large number of potential client...
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Opera Browser: Safe, super-fast browsing

Since the advent of smartphones, Opera Browser has rapidly created a mobile version in order to bring attention to a large number of potential clients. Opera has undergone dozens of modifications over the years, adding a slew of sophisticated features. Opera Browser’s most recent release includes official integration of VPN technology, which is faster and safer. Consider the new features added to Opera Browser following the upgrade.

Blocking ads, browsing the web is now super-fast

One of the difficulties for mobile users is the growth of advertisements of all kinds and sizes that show at any time and in any location. Opera Browser is the first web browser to provide what every user desires: effortless ad blocking for quicker browsing. Simply choose Menu and turn on Ad Blocking. Done; from now on, everything will be spotless.

According to the information I gathered from websites and the introduction of Opera Browser, this application is built on the Java platform and utilizes an unique data compression algorithm to accelerate web loading. Opera is currently the fastest browser on mobile devices, outperforming Google Chrome by 72% and UC Browser by 64%. It now includes an ad blocking feature, which distinguishes it from other browsers.

Free and unlimited VPN

For those who are unfamiliar, a VPN stands for virtual private network. It is a form of networking technology that establishes safe connections when accessing public networks. With the inclusion of VPN into the new version of Opera Browser, users now have access to a more secure, safe, and fast browsing experience than ever before.

Opera Browser can sync data across multiple devices

Users can install Opera Browser as their primary web browser on smartphones and tablets. And these devices will synchronize automatically to share the same database on Opera Browser.

This indicates we can access the saved webpages on various devices and get the same updated results. Additionally, the history, cookies, and passwords are synchronized. This is an extremely useful and time-saving function for individuals who frequently surf the web.

You might enjoy other browser like Kode.

Video viewing and downloading speed is blazingly fast

With the latest version of the Opera Browser, you can watch and download movies at rapid rates. Simple to use; simply select the video and click download. Additionally, Opera Browser includes a file download manager that enables users to manage all of these files effortlessly and elegantly. If you wish to transfer the file via another channel or if you want to delete or alter the file name, you can do so.

VPN is not enough, Opera Browser also has a private browsing mode

Because web browsing can be quite sensitive at times, you don’t want to reveal your browsing history and information. Thus, in addition to the built-in VPN technology that ensures security, Opera Browser now has a feature that enables private browsing with increased personal security. This implies that when Opera Browser is in this mode, it does not save your browsing history, cookies, or any other traces of your browsing.

Protect the user’s eyes

This is the result of late-night browsing. The huge contrast between blue light from a smartphone and darkness is extremely damaging to the eyes and can occasionally result in unexpected effects when browsing the web at night.

I strongly discourage this practice, however if you must work at night, make sure to use Opera Browser’s night mode. When web browsers are opened via Opera Browser, the contrast and light intensity of the web browsers are reduced, so protecting the eyes from fatigue and increasing the safety of eye excretion. Combining this feature with the phone’s brightness setting provides the optimal level of protection.

Data savings

Browsers are constantly processing large amounts of data. According to evidence, if you open a large number of tabs concurrently, your phone may even freeze, forcing you to power off and restart. Or, even worse, it requires access to system settings in order to delete data from the machine. However, if you use Opera Browser, you may not have to be concerned about this scenario as much.

Additionally, Opera Browser’s unique compression engine enables it to compress internet data 3.5 times faster than Chrome and 50% faster than Firefox Browser, a figure that is far too amazing in these times of information overload.

MOD APK version of Opera Browser

MOD features

  • No Ads
  • VPN Unlocked

Download Opera Browser MOD APK for Android

What's Latest New Opera Browser

Thanks for choosing Opera! This version contains improvements for Chromebook, more accessible news categories, and a restructured main menu.More changes:- Chromium 92- FIO crypto address support- Improved Yat lookups- Extended exit dialog

In addition to the special features in this update, of course, Opera Browser retains the classic features that made its name, such as automatic password saving, automatic storage of browsing information to history to quickly browse, AI automatically traces and suggests sites that may be interested in later browsing, copy, save and share links easily through social networks, scan barcodes …
In general, to comment on Opera Browser, I only have one word, “awesome”. I always have Opera Browser on my phone, and you? Download this browser to your phone right here.

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