Nyx Music Player

Nyx Music Player

Name Nyx Music Player
Package com.awedea.nyx
Publisher Awedea!
Category Music And Audio
Version 2.2.4
Size 29M
Requires Android 4.3
MOD Features Pro Unlocked
Updated On
Introduce about Nyx Music PlayerProvides a wide array of unique features for all music enthusiastsFree music player app without adsTo begin, Nyx Music Player is completely free...
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Introduce about Nyx Music Player

Provides a wide array of unique features for all music enthusiasts

Free music player app without ads

To begin, Nyx Music Player is completely free and ad-free. Why am I bringing this up immediately? Simply because I’ve been “duped” far too often. There are numerous music player applications that appear to be really attractive and cool, but once downloaded, you will discover that they are drowning in an ocean of advertisements. Additionally, you may only try it out for a few days before being required to pay a significant fee to continue using it.

I was introduced to Nyx Music Player by happenstance when I asked a friend what music he was listening to. Surprisingly, this application met all of my requirements.

Easy to control with many interesting interface options

Additionally, Nyx Music Player has an attractive UI and features. I’m not sure what people require, but for me, a music program must be simple to use and have an attractive design in order to be worthwhile. While listening to music, there will be numerous controls that you will need to manage, such as repeat, adding to albums, finding related songs, pausing… Everything with Nyx Music Player is incredibly convenient. The controls are intuitive, simple to use, and simple to understand. Anyone can use it for the first time without prior knowledge. The interface is clean, modern, and elegant in a minimalist fashion.

When you use the application’s free equalizer, you may experiment with a variety of detailed indicators, including a smooth equalizer, bass treble adjustment, volume increase of up to 150 percent, and playing music at nature’s 432 Hz…

Nyx Music Player features around twenty-four themed interface designs from which you can choose based on your ideas. Listening to music against a backdrop of colors that reflects your mood and interest in it is a truly thrilling experience, gentlemen.

Smart search

For intelligent search capabilities, a current music player program is required. At this level, many other music players, like Nyx Music Player, are capable of doing this function, therefore I will not elaborate further but will cover another feature of the search. In other similar programs, we simply search for the song’s title, the singer’s name, the artist’s name, or a specific keyword inside the song’s title. Then, in Nyx Music Player, you may search for songs based on their lyrics or a few key terms within them. Clearly, this need is substantial and growing. Occasionally, you’ll hum along to a melody or a few chorus lines but be unable to recall the song’s title. You now see why I assert that Nyx Music Player’s Search function is more intelligent than that of many other applications.

Modern sound effects

Nyx Music Player features cutting-edge 3D surround sound effects, providing the most realistic audio reproduction of the original song. You don’t need to bother about the quality as long as the song can be heard and located in Nyx Music Player. Each of them has been properly removed. My broad view is consistent in its soundness. There are no unpredictable little phenomena, nor are there any problems in the audio file abruptly stopping or becoming frightened due to the noise. I rate Nyx Music Player a 9/10 for sound quality. Per person, one point is deducted for the risk posed by home network lines.

You can also try jetAudio HD Music Player Plus and Avee Music Player application available on HOSTZFEVER.

Useful extra features

Additionally, the following tiny features of Nyx Music Player are excellent and really useful. Due to the case’s support for the free Equalizer Toolkit, it is capable of playing music on repeat, editing intelligent music information, and automatically turning off the music playlist and music playback timers. Each example is really usable, and I’m sure that anyone who uses a music player will have these requirements.

MOD APK version of Nyx Music Player

MOD feature

Pro Unlocked

Download Nyx Music Player APK & MOD for Android

What's Latest New Nyx Music Player

- Bug Fixes- Crash Fixes- Lag Fix

In short, if you are looking for a smart music player application with deep search from the lyrics, a beautiful interface with many options, good sound quality, and many useful extra features, here it is. Download Nyx Music Player to use immediately.

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