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Name Nox Booster
Publisher Nox Ltd.
Category Utilities
Version 1.6.5
Size 63M
Requires Android 5.0
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Introduce about Nox BoosterEnhance the performance and speed of your phone!Freeing up RAM will speed up your phone's performanceNox Booster maximizes the available space on the...
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Introduce about Nox Booster

Enhance the performance and speed of your phone!

Freeing up RAM will speed up your phone’s performance

Nox Booster maximizes the available space on the phone through the use of software acceleration, memory cleaning, virus scanning, and internal cooling. Nox Booster’s dual function helps keep your smartphone tidy and clear of clutter, allowing it to run more smoothly and quickly.

Specifically, when you launch Nox Booster, the app will perform an automatic check of your phone’s status and operation. When Nox Booster detects that your smartphone is lagging, it immediately runs a series of apps to increase RAM and internal memory in order to improve your phone’s performance.

Additionally, Nox Booster will perform another operation in order to gain a more thorough intervention in the phone’s cleaning procedure. This software includes a built-in cache scan feature, which means that after performing the above activities, it will locate and delete any garbage files or useless cache data on your phone.

Additionally, Nox Booster includes self-scanning and anti-virus functions during operation. Perhaps you’re wondering what phone cleaning has to do with antivirus.

It is a truth that if you have one or a few virus-infected files on your phone, they have a chance of spreading to other files, causing your phone to sluggish and degrade its productivity. Additionally, viruses are a significant cause of operating bottlenecks on electronic devices. You cannot be certain that our phone does not contain such a dangerous file, as infection sources have become increasingly numerous, including saved files, downloaded files, social networking sites, and websites we visit on a daily basis. Nobody knows for certain, therefore the best course of action is to just scan for and delete as many viruses as possible. This feature in Nox Booster is particularly effective, since it ensures your security at all times.

These two functions not only keep your phone virus-free, but also increase its speed, memory, and battery life, making the process of downloading and playing games faster and smoother. You can also try other apps like One Booster.

How does Nox Booster do all of the above?

To begin, after completing the process, Nox Booster will provide real-time data on the user’s usage and the phone’s temperature. You will directly verify and instruct Nox Booster to scan and kill automatically and efficiently. And then Nox Booster will perform all of the necessary steps to clean your phone automatically.

Those who are more cautious can touch and choose each item to determine which features to enable and which to disable, as well as review the list of suggested deletions to determine which action is unjustified. Additionally, if you’re not interested in keeping certain items on your phone, you can check and send them to an online storage space. You can thoroughly review the list of usage statistics on your phone with the enthusiastic assistance of Nox Booster.

Nox Booster’s second action is to prevent programs from re-opening automatically without permission. While these free-to-download programs on your phone agree that it is sometimes convenient to have them open immediately upon startup, the reality is that they remain open, active, and updated even when you are not using them. Additionally, it squanders your phone’s efficiency and memory. Nox Booster’s Prevent Autostart feature will mitigate all of these scenarios. When necessary, you will take the initiative to open them and will no longer have to worry about them operating silently as previously.

Nox Booster will alert the user directly when all of these tasks are completed. Simply restart your phone to see the results.

Throughout this entire process, Nox Booster adheres to three criteria:

  • Do not carry out an order that you have not received.
  • Assure the privacy and security of any data on your phone, whether existing or destroyed.
  • Additionally, the deleted files’ identities are kept private.

CPU cooler and productivity booster

Along with garbage files, superfluous data, viruses, and applications that automatically open RAM, one of the primary reasons the phone becomes sluggish and does not promote its natural performance is that you open a lot of apps, which causes the phone to overheat.

Excessive heat will ruin the hardware and impede the heat release mechanism, resulting in the hardware not performing optimally. However, when you use Nox Booster, you won’t have to worry because this program will automatically cool down your phone.

Additionally, whenever the smartphone unexpectedly warms up or the CPU is overworked, Nox Booster will display red alerts and recommend immediate phone optimizations. It will accomplish this by automatically detecting and shutting down any applications that consume an excessive amount of resources via a specialized AI algorithm. The objective is to maintain the hardware device’s durability, swiftly clean up the phone, and give improved working performance and productivity. The objective is to maintain the hardware device’s durability, rapidly clean up the phone, and give improved working performance and productivity.

This feature is especially useful if you’re playing high-speed mobile games, as gaming causes your phone to overheat, and it’s also inconvenient to hold and play the game on a hot smartphone. Nox Cleaner makes it simple to clean your phone.

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Overall, Nox Booster is a compact application, simple to install, simple to use, most of which are in automatic mode. This application will help you a lot in getting rid of junk files and unnecessary cache data while increasing the speed, memory, and battery life of your phone.

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