App Name My Macros+
Publisher My Macros LLC
Genre Apps
Size 17.0MB
Latest Version 2021.12
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Update September 12, 2021

If you need to lose weight or gain weight, choose My Macros + | Diet, Calories & Macro Tracker. This is a valuable application for each of us; it functions to monitor your health and daily diet.

My macros app is simply understood as an application capable of helping people track the daily diet. A fitness expert created the software; it is a complete version after the previous release. This app’s as a tool and as a diet doctor for you. Years ago, a few apps on the market also tracked people’s diet and health, but they were all disappointed. So far, My Macros has appeared. It is a great pride for its creator because it has brought users the most moderation and complete with daily diet.

To use the food quickly and effectively, you should enter the word sticker – My Macros. It will automatically add your food to the menu you want. Not only that, but it can also accurately display the list of your favorite dishes of the nearest meals to help you select and track more quickly and effectively. . You won’t need to go far to search, in this app, it will be available with dishes from brands and restaurants you like. It facilitates your choice of dishes.
This software is like a huge food treasure; it contains more than 5 million kinds of food from the smallest to the largest, everything. Each person will have their own needs, and they will be free to choose their own food. Because of the large amount of food available, choosing food is much easier and faster. You just need to touch the screen three times to add food.

When you use this software, it brings you a multitude of benefits. This App will monitor your health and diet. It will clearly analyze the nutritional content of each of your daily meals. You will be able to eat and drink as you like every day without having to worry about your weight, each day can eat many meals, but the nutritional ingredients are still sufficient and not excess. You will not have to hesitate about what to eat, what to eat for lunch, what to eat for dinner. It also works to track your body weight, monitor the amount of water in the body, and ensure adequate hydration for your body.

In order to keep track of your health and diet most simply and quickly, a weight chart over time will appear. Thereby we are very easy to know and clearly see the progress of our weight each day. The appearance of the Macro computer will help you follow the right eating, nutritious and qualified process. This app is always ready to help you with eating and losing weight.

Users and artificial analysis specialists register the Macro feature to help you achieve your goals. Before you want to reach your goal, you’ll have to answer a few questions the software asks to let it know what your first goal is. Next, the system will automatically provide, give you the path and always make sure you are on the right track to achieve the goals you set.

As a healthy menu and tracking software for each of your meals, a barcode scanner quickly scans and instantly tracks your food. It also has a lot of users, such as fitness tracking in cycling, exercise, and more. We will quickly see the amount of food that we eat each day because there is a breakdown. It will show the most clearly and correctly. There is also a spreadsheet whose function is to absorb your data and process it flexibly and richly.