My City: Mansion

My City: Mansion

My Town Games Ltd
Name My City : Mansion
Package mycity.mansion
Publisher My Town Games Ltd
Category Educational
Version 3.0.0
Size 68M
Requires Android 4.4
MOD Features No
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Introduce about My City: MansionMy Town Games specializes in the creation of life simulation games for youngsters. Young children's imagination is sparked...
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Introduce about My City: Mansion

My Town Games specializes in the creation of life simulation games for youngsters. Young children’s imagination is sparked and their worldview is broadened by their games. These include well-known games such as My Town, My City, and Wonderland, as well as appealing topics. This game has a strong educational value for young children, but adults should also play it in order to gain a fresh perspective on life. A life filled with beauty and meaning.

Live in a large mansion

My City: Mansion immerses the player in the lives of the wealthy and famous. You will reside in a contemporary and elegant villa. You will be awestruck by the magnificence of your new home, which is filled with everything you could possibly need. With intriguing locations such as a garage, golf course, and heliport, your idea has become a reality. Each floor is a room containing a variety of novel objects to discover. As for myself, I enjoy the rooftop, which features the ideal golf course and a helicopter.

My City: Mansion can be considered more of an exploration game than a simulation game. You are free to explore and discover new items within your mansion. You find it so tedious that everyone has the same mansion, right? Rest assured, since this is your house, you are free to alter the room as you see fit. You can choose from hundreds of furniture types for each room in each style, such as classic, romantic, and… Transform your villa’s interior into a magnificent haven in your own distinctive fashion.

Discover the life of rich and famous people

Life in My City: Mansion is a thrilling discovery in the upper world. Where you will be completely surprised by the abundance of showy and expensive delights. All are at your residence. There are numerous people who can help you accomplish your goals and tour this home. Everyone in the mansion is available for conversation, including the butler.

Go to the garage and select your favorite vehicle if you wish to drive modern and legendary supercars. The city will be navigated by your private chauffeur. Specifically, if you enjoy strolling in the city, why you try… helicopter walking? Proceed to the rooftop, which features a huge golf course and a helipad. Walking by helicopter is a novel experience, but playing golf at the top of the city is also an excellent idea. In this “luxurious” life, you will encounter several new objects and more than 20 characters.

Party with friends

Have you ever imagined hosting magnificent pool parties with your friends in your very own pool? In My City: Mansion, everything is incredibly straightforward, perhaps even beyond your wildest imaginings. With lively music, appetizing cuisine and beverages prepared by chef RoboChef in a cool pool area, you will not be disappointed. Thus, living in My City: Mansion is a fantasy for everyone.


The entertaining minigames in My City: Mansion are noteworthy and appropriate for youngsters. It contains games such as puzzles, TIC, and Toe that challenge the mind and creativity… The unique aspect of these games, though, is that they are set up in your bedroom, which is equipped with 5-star-quality amenities. It like a small utopia!

Additionally, you can attempt to become a professional rock singer for a renowned band. This is a place where you can listen to rock, country, and light classical music… And by singing songs in this amusing game, you can also realize your ambition of being a singer.

You can also try other games like Toca Life World, My City : Jail House and Toca Life: Vacation.


In any case, My City: Mansion is still categorized as a game for children ages 4 to 12. Consequently, the visual quality is simplified, but the colors are still incredibly vibrant and lovely. This ensures that children’s eyes are not harmed by playing this game, while they continue to enjoy it.

Download My City: Mansion APK free for Android

My City: Mansion is a new world exploration game for kids. Capital is intended for children so the game is completely safe and has no ads. But trust me, a lot of adults who will enjoy this game, not just children. A whole new category brings extremely interesting experiences. The game costs $ 0.99, but you can download it completely for free via the links below our article.

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