My City: Jail House

My City: Jail House

My Town Games Ltd
Name My City : Jail House
Package mycity.jailbreak
Publisher My Town Games Ltd
Category Educational
Version 2.0.0
Size 80M
Requires Android 4.4
MOD Features No
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Introduce about My City: Jail HouseMy City: Jail House is a game from My Town Games' My City series. This time, you will uncover amazing stuff within the ...
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Introduce about My City: Jail House

My City: Jail House is a game from My Town Games‘ My City series. This time, you will uncover amazing stuff within the city prison.

What’s new?

If you heard about the prison, you could conclude that it was a frightening place. It is a facility where criminals and other individuals who make mistakes in life are held. Even some of them are really lethal.

My City: Jail House will force you to reconsider your position. In the game, you must not only manage and restrict the prisoner’s behavior, but also devise methods for expanding the jail economy. Assist humorous inmates in gaining a better life after jail.


Have you ever wished you could see inside a prison? My City: Jail House is a simulation that allows you to explore all of the aforementioned. You will assume the position of either the guard, the police, or the prisoner. In 3D simulation space, the harmony between images and colors creates an amusing animated environment. You may not recognize this as a prison, as prisons are frequently represented with drab, ominous hues. The game takes you to several locations within the prison, including the yard, dining room, helipad, and more. You may freely investigate a total of eight locations.

An exciting journey!

In all versions of My City, it is possible to interact with and manipulate virtually everything you see. By writing and presenting your own story, you can immerse yourself in the part with the help of amusing characters and specific settings.

For instance, if you play the role of a prison guard, it is your responsibility to assist inmates in their improvement. Unlock the door, explore the jail yard, and solve puzzles in order to enter the prison. Ensure that no prisoners are attempting to flee in a covert manner.

Connect with friends

Numerous games with content appropriate for children were developed by My Town Games. These games provide children with numerous practical lessons through their abundance of interesting experiences and storylines.

The products of My Town Games are, thankfully, all interconnected. One enables you to transfer characters and items from this game to other games. You are also more enthusiastic and do not miss the change to a new version. You can simultaneously connect with your buddies. Isn’t it fascinating?


The keys of My City: Jail House are dispersed across the city. To unlock new material, seek them out. A disco dance floor appears when the lights are dimmed, which is unexpected. Space is filled with vibrant lights and exciting music, populated by friends. This location is distinct from the jail environment you’re currently investigating.

You can also try other games like Toca Life World and Toca Life: Vacation.

Play with friends

My City: Jail House is a healthy game that aids in the development of young children’s cognitive skills. Even when parents are not around, children are able to freely generate their own thoughts.

My City: Jail House is regarded as both fun and educative. The ideal age range for this game is 4 to 12 years old. Additionally, the game supports multi-touch, allowing you to play on the same screen with family or friends. This feature facilitates the development of social interaction skills.

Download My City: Jail House for Android

My City is proud to be one of the most popular educational game series on mobile. It stimulates the creativity and exploration of young children, suitable for parents who can play with their children.

In previous articles, if My City: Mansion gives you a regal life in the mansion, My City: Grandparents Home takes you to your grandparents’ home to experience the holiday, then My City: Jail House gives you the opportunity explore the prison – where the prisoners are being held.
It sounds scary, but you’ll soon be excited about it. Now, let install My City: Jail House and experience this exciting game with your children.

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