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Publisher Muviz Edge
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Update August 31, 2021

Listening to music is easy. At this time, music is taking up a considerable proportion of the entertainment market of people. Whatever you do, it takes a little piece to make things more attractive. Study and work also need to have their own music to increase concentration; having fun partying requires powerful music to stimulate all the senses; even sleep also needs its own music to make people fall asleep better. The need to listen to better music is growing. So is the demand for more eye-catching music growing? Muviz Edge – Music Visualizer, Edge Music Lighting was an answer.

Music that is both eye-catching and eye-catching is the entertainment of the new era

Indeed, music is becoming more and more diversified, and music-listening tools are also popular. Music Player on Google Play is really a lot, offering thousands of different experiences. Muviz Edge does this in a completely different way from similar applications. It especially brings a Live Music Visualizer around the edges of your screen. About ten years ago, when we still did not have an extraordinary concept of MV, the waves of music always bring another unique experience when listening to music. The sound waves are simulated based on the sound frequencies being played to appeal to the musician. They listen to the music while looking at the waves accompanying the music. Currently, “Muviz Edge” does this on the smartphone screen in a completely new way.

There’s a catch when you use the music player application

Muviz Edge, which is a third party application that interferes with other Music Players. It is not a playable tool in itself, but it makes Apple Music, Google Music, Spotify more unique. It will show music waves fluttering on the edge of the screen. The more modern your smartphone is, the sharper and more impressive these music waves are. These will be a small edge to edge rounded screen effects. To make them even more unique, you can access the app to customize it according to your needs.

Easy to use, suitable for many people

Once you have downloaded Muviz Edge, you can immediately learn how to use it. Just click its shortcut on the screen and launch it. When logged into the app, the user will be taken to a settings screen where you can do anything with it. Its screen will look exactly like a music player but will run the available samples. It’s not music; just a little sound. You can select a sound clip with the name of the effect it displays. There are more than 20 types of effects to choose from. Just click on it, and it will run the test immediately. If you like it, select it and apply, but if you do not like it, you can continue to choose a new one. What’s more, you can also customize these effects. The user can change the color with effects to suit him.

In addition, the shape of the Music Waves is also customized depending on the user. This is a 3rd party application where it can work under any conditions. That means you can comfortably listen to music in all states, including online and offline. The effects of this application still apply to that music player application.

The unique color set allows you to do what you want

The app gives you a color set so you can use album cover/album art/cover art of the currently playing music. It is a range of colors that you can mix together. The more colors you combine, the more unique the Music Waves you get. Moreover, when you use a boring template, you can save it and create new templates. An entire gallery so you can create your own and make your listening hours colorful.

In addition, you can also choose the music source to display the visualization. When you listen to vibrant music, for example, it will lead to a template that tends to be eye-catching. Or when you challenge the melodious and slow music, the colors are soothing. Moreover, you can also install each type of visualization for different music applications. Because each application has its own layout, it is difficult to apply a kind of music wave to all applications. Sometimes it will make it difficult for the user to try the song. Also, when you are playing a game or watching a video, you can temporarily turn off the app by blocking it in the settings.