Always On: Edge Music Lighting

Always On: Edge Music Lighting

Sparkine Labs
Name Always On: Edge Music Lighting
Package com.sparkine.muvizedge
Publisher Sparkine Labs
Category Personalization
Size 19M
Requires Android 5.0
MOD Features Pro Unlocked
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Introduce about Muviz EdgeCreate musical vignettes for mobile phone edges!The strangest application I have ever knownIf you are using a highly fashionable, costly smartphone, a...
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Introduce about Muviz Edge

Create musical vignettes for mobile phone edges!

The strangest application I have ever known

If you are using a highly fashionable, costly smartphone, and if you are a perfectionist who enjoys the smallest of details, then you are likely a perfectionist who adores perfection in In addition, you adore music with the motto “can’t live without music”; therefore, I believe you need this app on your phone.

It has a small storage capacity, which is unremarkable compared to modern smartphones, but its impacts and effects are more than you could possibly anticipate.

When playing music from any music application, the primary function of Muviz Edge is to display visual effects that correspond to the melody along the screen’s edges. Doesn’t it sound hazy? Taking a look at these three photographs will help you to comprehend what “music visual effects” are. Have you seen the purple-to-black gradient along the image’s border? Listed below are few examples of the application’s various border effects.

Small app, but the excitement is limitless

This impact is not permanent. Which, of course, will “dance” and change color based on the tone of the playing music and some of your prior modifications. This program elevates the experience of listening to music to a new level. Is it cool to choose cool music, use quality headphones, and have a screen that slides down like a DJ? Muviz Edge is unconcerned about the sort of smartphone or tablet display, so long as the device is capable of playing music, it can connect and operate with any device. Simply select your own style and have fun.

Supports all music apps for Android

First, Muviz Edge only functions when music is being played on a music player. Consequently, the developer has optimized Muviz Edge so that it is compatible with and supported by all of the world’s most popular music players. You simply activate the music in the app, and if it is Muviz Edge compatible, the effects emerge on the screen’s edges immediately. Both online and offline modes are supported by the application.

AOD feature

There is a special technology known as AOD that enables these gorgeous music effects to be displayed uniformly even when the screen is off. Thus, the screen went black, but the music was loud and the edges still glowed.

You can also try other apps like JOOX Music, Sony Music and TIDAL Music.

Choose vignettes, effects according to your style

In Muviz Edge’s settings, you can freely select from hundreds of unique edge effects designs. It takes a considerable amount of time to experience all of these varied and numerous impacts. In addition, the number continues to rise when the developer is updated frequently. We can choose:

  • Color
  • Light tone
  • Light transition effect
  • Pattern
  • Corner displayed on the phone screen
  • Conversion speed of light effects

Even with an existing track, you can use the app’s Pick tool to extract an odd color from the album cover of that track. And if you do not customize anything, the system will use the album cover’s color tones for its default effects.
If you enjoy a particular color tone while using Muviz Edge, you can save it to your “Palette Collection.”

Display the information you want on the home screen

And we have complete control over how other music-related information is displayed on the main screen, including:

  • Song title, artist, album, and lyrics.
  • Select where this information will appear on the screen.
  • When Muviz Edge is engaged, the background is blurred and the display remains on.
  • Hide information about existing tracks from the display to maintain concentration on other tasks.
  • A setting for the screen pages on which Muviz Edge shows an edge effect. The home screen is always the default, and you can choose which other sites to view.

Easy to use. Turn on and use after a brief installation period. Select Setting to select various effects, and select the mode to display song information on the main display.

MOD APK version of Muviz Edge

MOD feature

Pro Unlocked

Download Muviz Edge MOD APK for Android

What's Latest New Always On: Edge Music Lighting

- New AOD with Visualizer Clock ✨- New Serial Lights Design ✨- High display refresh rate support.- Enhancements & Fixes.

Listening to music on your phone has never been so chill and stylish. This application helps your music player become more stylish, more artistic, gives you more emotion when enjoying your favorite songs. Download now Muviz Edge MOD APK via the link below to use all Pro features for free.

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