App Name Music Visualizer
Publisher TM Digital Entertainment
Genre Apps
Size 22.8MB
Latest Version 0.8.1
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Update September 8, 2021

For DJs or Producers, the phrase Music Visualization is a very familiar thing. So what is it? Music Visualization is a feature found in electronic music, and media player software visualizers generate animated imagery based on a piece of music. The imagery is usually generated and rendered in real-time, in a way synchronized with the music as it is played. One application that specializes in music visualization capabilities for mobile devices is Music Visualizer. This application visualizes all the sounds it hears from the device or the surroundings and displays it through various types of striking images. And of course, it can also be viewed as a wallpaper setting application for mobile devices.

Experience music in a visual
Music Visualizer is one of the most advanced music visualizer applications on Google Play. It possesses the smoothest and most vivid graphics, along with realistic and engaging effects. It also owns many different presets and is very sensitive in sound recognition. It has a lot of outstanding and impressive features that help users track the structure of sound correctly. Or it could be itself a standalone app specializing in wallpaper to make your device more stylish and lively. When you start using this application, you will have a better experience when listening to music or want to witness how a music visualizer works.
Beautiful 3D music visualizations
As long as the device is playing a song or an audio file, this application will immediately work and visualize the structure of the sound. If the user does not play any song or audio file, the application will automatically operate and record sounds in the surrounding environment. Users can choose any preset they want to visualize, and this application has a multitude of different presets for users. Each preset will have a different design, color, and texture, and some will more accurately visualize music based on the user’s ability to observe. By observing the structure of the song, users will discover many exciting things from its structure. The presets will visualize the sound with colorful lines, high definition, and even visual in 3D is very eye-catching.
Built-in music player
With a vast number of presets, users can use the search tool or the browser to find their favorite presets. If users know the preset’s name, they can search it directly, or use a browser to look through all the presets of this application. While searching, presets will operate based on the sound they recognize, which helps users know how the preset works and quickly selects. Users can also unlock new presets from the publisher, or create a preset for themselves by special application tools. The application also comes with a special manual to assist users in creating a separate preset.

The exciting thing about this application is that it also allows users to use their favorite presets and set them as wallpapers. It would be great if your wallpaper is a live wallpaper and rely on ambient sound to work. If the user uses the right kind of preset for the device’s appearance, it will become unique and impressive to everyone. And this wallpaper feature does not consume battery as you think, its consumption is minimal and insignificant, can operate for a long time.

If you need an application that visualizes the surrounding sound or wants a unique wallpaper, Music Visualizer will be an excellent application for you.