Name Movepic
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Publisher Ryzenrise
Category Photos & Videos
Version 3.3.0
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Requires Android 5.0
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Introduce about MovepicCreate animation effectsMovepic is a well-designed and convenient application. It includes a series of tools that make it simple and quick to add motion ef...
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Introduce about Movepic

Create animation effects

Movepic is a well-designed and convenient application. It includes a series of tools that make it simple and quick to add motion effects to your images.

To begin, you must grant Movepic access to your media files. Then, select the image to edit and drag it into the app’s gallery. Select “Path” from the editing screen, then tap and drag the dashed arrow to the desired location. Instantaneous application of the effects. If you are dissatisfied with the current action, you can return or advance to a prior one. Alternatively, you can build an anchor point and fix the motion route using the Anchor.

Apart from the Anchor, there is another technique for immobilizing a portion of an image. You’ll press and highlight the region you don’t want to apply the freeze to using the Freeze tool. It will instantly become solid. Additionally, you can quickly defrost, remove anchor points, or change the speed of the motion.

Movepic is built on and combined with rather sophisticated artificial intelligence technology. Paths and comparable pixels are used to create motion in the application. The regions you just made the trail around will not be washed away. This significantly lowers post-production time while still producing a colorful work of art.

Touch to create a magical sky

Without a doubt, landscape photographers desire a colorful sky. Movepic incorporates a variety of sky-related effects and filters. Simply choose from the gallery and then take pleasure in your creation.

There are numerous themes, but the most well-known and popular are Super, Starlight, Whale, Nebule, and Hope. As a result, you may simply create a blue sky with floating white clouds, a mystical sky filled with rainbow light bands, or even a sky filled with flying stars. Additionally, Movepic allows you to fine-tune the original sky’s transparency and the degree (%) of the effect applied. Additionally, Pixaloop can assist you in creating incredible sky animations and effects! This app is available for download here.

Camera FX

Movepic’s distinctive feature is Camera FX. Frequently, applications overlook this rather straightforward feature. This, however, is what distinguishes these photographers and adds to the art of media storytelling.

Camera FX features a diverse selection of effects organized into the following categories: Hot, 3D Camera, Orbit, Custom, Jitter, and Transition. Each is unique in its motion and affects the image’s depth. You may select your preferred image and attempt. Who knows, perhaps you’ve fallen in love with it once more.


Apart from producing animated images, you can embellish your work with animated stickers to add to its distinctiveness. With a little more rain, the sky with those clouds would be gorgeous. The flowers floating in the wind would be more appealing if they were accompanied by butterflies.

Apart from that, Movepic sells science fiction stickers. You may simply produce an explosion by using a sticker that depicts a big explosion, a black hole sticker, or a nuclear structure and magic ring similar to those employed by Dr. Strange.

Additionally, Overlay is a useful feature that should not be overlooked. It’s similar to stickers, except the majority of the effects are triggered by weather, sunlight, or adorable objects such as rose leaves and vibrant butterflies.

You can also try other apps like Lightleap by Lightricks and VIMAGE.

MOD APK version of Movepic

MOD feature

VIP Unlocked: For the most part, features in Movepic are limited to those using the standard plan. The number of undo/redo actions during editing is limited, and motion effects, stickers, FX camera and Magic Sky are all limited. But with the VIP APK version we provide, everything is unlocked. Just install the app and enjoy the best features.

Download Movepic APK & MOD for Android

What's Latest New Movepic

-Brand new UICheck our new designs out!-Enhance performanceVideo duration extended, sky enhancement, and more.-New feature: Face animationAnimate moving portrait.If you have any suggestions or questions, We are listening.

Movepic is a great application that helps you create moving pictures and a variety of other amazing effects. Now you can easily create stunning works, without going through photography or editing courses. Movepic will help you fulfill your passion.

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