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Category Fighting
Version 3.6.0
Size 1G
Requires Android
MOD Features Increase Damage/Defense
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Introduce about MORTAL KOMBATMORTAL KOMBAT is the ninth iteration of a fighting game that has been a staple of several generations. When it comes to fighting games, MORTAL KOMBAT has long b...
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Introduce about MORTAL KOMBAT

MORTAL KOMBAT is the ninth iteration of a fighting game that has been a staple of several generations. When it comes to fighting games, MORTAL KOMBAT has long been one of the most popular titles, therefore NetherRealm Studios has continually improved the game’s aesthetics, gameplay, and functionality, as well as added new features. The game will allow you to feel like a true gladiator engaged in life-or-death combat.

In actuality, MORTAL KOMBAT does not have a plot, but it has created a massive universe with a character system comparable to DC and Marvel. It is still possible to view brief videos or retrospective videos of each character, thereby learning their former stories and gaining a concept of who they are, but this is insufficient. If the publisher invests more in the narrative, then the game may contain more items to pique the player’s interest, since gamers prefer to explore the game’s world rather than engage in combat.


As you are all aware, MORTAL KOMBAT is a fighting game, meaning that you command a character in 1v1 bouts against other characters. These games are extremely dramatic, requiring skill, player innovation, and crucial fighting expertise. After playing for some time, you will know how each character’s attacks, which can avoid opponents and counterattack with as few movements as possible, function. Initially, if an opponent uses a skill, I am often afraid, so I push every key possible, which sounds ridiculous.

The game’s control system is likewise well-designed, allowing for effortless character control. You will be unable to remove your eyes from the phone due to the rapid-fire, constant combat. With a single error, the opponent can kill you at any moment.

3vs3 mode

In this edition, you can construct a squad of the three most powerful gladiators and lead them into violent battles to rush for gold and experience in order to develop your characters and make them more formidable. This is the most recent mode of this game, and it promises to surprise the players in numerous ways.

Faction Wars

If you dislike the preceding mode, you can continue to master the conventional solo mode with the skill of a top warrior. Confront other players in real-time combat, defeat them, and ascend the MORTAL KOMBAT ranking. The game will honor the greatest players; are you one of them?


There are numerous recognizable characters in this series, including Scorpion, Johnny Cage, Sub-Zero, Sonya, Kitana, and Ermac, among others. The game also has updated versions of new characters like as D’Vorah, Cassie Cage, the mysterious Kung Jin, and the ruthless killer Kotal Khan.

In addition, the game allows you to build and customize your character, which increases the battle’s element of surprise because it is difficult to predict what type of player you will be. Rather than focusing solely on combat, it emphasizes mystery and strategic planning.


The graphical style of MORTAL KOMBAT is incredibly brutal, portraying action situations in a realistic manner. Each of the character’s blows leads the opponent to bleed, fracture their head, or rip them in two. Specifically, the game will offer you a brief amount of time to determine how to end the opponent’s life once you’ve won, so that they’re “cool.” Combining games with slow-motion films in order to appreciate every graphic aspect of a game.

You can also try other games like Real Steel Boxing Champions, Real Steel World Robot Boxing and WWE Mayhem.


MOD feature

  • Increase Damage
  • Increase Defense

Download MORTAL KOMBAT MOD APK for Android

Don’t need to argue about the popularity and appeal of this game, the game deserves to be one of the best mobile games. Want to experience the battles between life and death? Take part in the battles in MORTAL KOMBAT.

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