Money Manager Expense & Budget

Money Manager Expense & Budget

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Name Money Manager Expense & Budget
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Introduce about Money ManagerManaging personal finances as easy as pie!Why do you need to manage expenses by an application?The future is always uncertain and there are many un...
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Introduce about Money Manager

Managing personal finances as easy as pie!

Why do you need to manage expenses by an application?

The future is always uncertain and there are many unexpected things. In order not to fall into the “out of money” situation and completely passive when the situation occurs, savings funds are the best solution. But how to “save”? We are forced to manage our receipts and expenditures intelligently, even the most trivial ones.
My first motivation to manage my spending came from the movie “Because this is my first life”. The architect in the film has a strange eccentric lifestyle. From an early age, his goal was truly clear: buy a house in the city, make a stable company, have a stable income, pay off all mortgage loans when he is 40 years old. And to pursue that dream, he worked hard, refused external pleasures, and especially had no concept of love anyone. His joy each month was receiving salary, then evenly dividing the expenses for the month. He was strict with himself and didn’t spend out of that.
After watching, I also wanted a stable future that have many investments, and never be passive even with the financial situation. However, I was not confident enough to be able to do all these things every day alone.
That’s why i began to find a bunch of spending management apps to practice spending and ended up choosing Money Manager. Since then, every stage of personal fiscal management is no longer a torture, but a significant motivation to work and earn more money.

Detailed and clearly spending list

How much do you spend in a day? Being single is still simple, but if you have a family, having to shoulder all the small and large expenses of all members is really a burden. Money Manager will help you record all expenses of the day in detail quickly and completely. When needed, just review the whole thing in the form of a spreadsheet or chart to check all the spending.
The only thing you need is the habit of entering data every time a money operation occurs. It only takes a week to get used to it, then everything is much easier.

Double bookkeeping accounting mode

Not only stopping at small records, but Money Manager also facilitates users to manage assets and do effective accounting. That means it can update the in and out of the account, immediately deposit money into the account when the salary is recorded, or automatically withdraw money from the account.

Manage credit, debit cards, and automatically transfer periodically

Money Manager could connect to all the bank accounts you are using. In every payment date, you will immediately see the amount of money you are about to spend appearing in the form of a list with safe deadlines for you to actively arrange payment. And when deciding, just press the switch button and Money Manager will automatically help you connect the card and immediately spend the previously announced amount.
You can also choose the automatic transfer feature, set a specific date for each account. The app will automatically review the amount and transfer to the debts with the correct parameters set before. There will never be a delay or overdue that causes unmanageable debt.

Extra feature

Money Manager also has several other useful accompanying features such as: checking passwords, instant statistics in various forms from numbers to charts, marking frequently used accounts… In all expenses, view the data saved in Excel and print it out when needed, synchronize devices used from smartphones, tablets to laptops, PCs.

Download Money Manager APK free for Android

This application really saves my life. It helps me get rid of worries about paying attention to personal financial transactions. From here, i get the motivation to work hard and save money every day. You should also try to install it on your computer to manage your cash flow more effectively.

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