App Name mojo – Video Stories Editor for Instagram
Publisher mojo – Video Stories Editor for Instagram
Genre Apps
Size 118MB
Latest Version 1.2.23
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Update June 11, 2021

Want to fill your Instagram’s stories with videos interesting with content relevant to you? If you really need such an application, mojo is the application you should choose to download to your phone.

Create stunning Video Stories

I guess many of you own at least one account for Instagram and often use it for entertainment. With the strong growth of social networks, perhaps I do not need to say, you also know what makes this application special, and one of the special factors is the Stories feature. This feature has appeared a lot in other social networking applications as a trend, and I’m sure that any of you have or want an interesting story. To achieve that goal, I think you should have videos unique, and “mojo” is a great application to make your wishes come true. The usage of this application is straightforward because, with just a little different and not too fussy, you can make others pay attention to your stories.

Basically, the first step you need to do in this application is chosen as an animated template to make your videos come alive. This app will give you lots of special templates that you can use immediately. Besides, you can also add your media + text and customize it the way you want. In my opinion, short and easy-to-understand words are always something that gets people interested, and if you know how to integrate short sentences or quotes into your videos, it can be a hallmark. Many people are impressed. And the final step is to publicize the things you’ve just created on any social networking sites you want, not only Instagram.


Besides simplicity and convenience, “mojo” also provides us with many other convenient features.

To make your stories more eye-catching, you can but not use the Templates feature of this application. Perhaps you will be surprised when this application provides you with more than 50 templates with many different styles to choose from. With this feature, not only can you create impressive videos, but you can also have new inspirations to create even more unique videos. Besides, this feature will always be updated continuously by the developer, so you do not need to worry about running out of resources to use, and of course, you can edit everything if as you wish.

Similar to the templates feature, this app also offers you a lot of different text styles to choose from. With more than 50 text styles, you absolutely can create a lot of content that makes people who see your stories pay attention. Any text styles template, you can change the size and customize the type of animation for them. Also, you can customize fonts, colors, sizes, positions, alignments, etc. This feature is also updated continuously by the developer to give you the best experience when using this application.

In addition, one of the features I like most in this application is that it does not need you to create an account to use this application. Therefore, this application can be used offline, and you can use it anytime you want.

Overall, mojo has a lot of valuable features, so you don’t have to miss it.