App Name MobileSheetsPro Music Reader
Publisher Zubersoft
Genre Apps
Size 51.9MB
Latest Version 3.2.7
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Update September 12, 2021

Music is definitely one of the most appreciated needs of people of all time. At any time in the process of human development, they compose the most compelling music for entertainment. In modern times, music playing has also developed dramatically and become essential for human life much more. Because of this, musicians need more handy support tools than before. Thanks to the developed mobile device technology, the MobileSheetsPro Music Reader is one of the most powerful weapo

A little comment on the design of the application on the main screen to read the music, it is still the same as normal music with notes and lines. But in fact, it is hard for people who don’t know how to play the house and for those who can read the house, this supports them a lot. With a large tablet screen, it becomes an easy-to-read electronic song, easy to control, store multiple tracks, and can easily customize the parameters. Its UI design is brilliant when dividing features into small tabs. The most used ones are displayed so that users can quickly select and customize music tracks. The more advanced and difficult to use functions are hidden, those who use long-term characters can exploit all its potential.

The main function is a music track so that musicians can read the notes and play with it, it must provide the most convenient views so that they can feel comfortable while reading the notes. So it will have multiple modes of operation such as two pages side-by-side, and vertically scrolling pages, half-page turns, … In addition to making it easy for you to play music continuously at regular speeds, stop again to flip, causing the play process to be interrupted. The hands-free mode will be one of the essential features that many users like. Through any Bluetooth or USB device, users can control this.
When you practice a piece of music, there may be some difficulty or someplace you need to keep in mind. At this time, players can freely use the pen feature to write straight into the music. Freeform drawing, basic shapes, text and stamps, and many other features can turn the music you are playing into your own. Besides, it has a built-in MP3 mode, when you do not know how the music must be played, you can open the mp3 attached to the screen to listen. Besides, many other features help users to customize the music and how it appears on the screen, so they feel the most convenient.