Merge Master

Merge Master

Homa Games
Name Merge Master
Package com.fusee.MergeMaster
Publisher Homa Games
Category Arcade
Version 1.0.18
Size 66M
Requires Android 5.1
MOD Features Unlimited Money
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Introduce about Merge MasterAn intuitive, simple-to-play fusion game with a Dinosaur and Warrior theme!Merge objects so fast to get the upper handWhile the game's primary subje...
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Introduce about Merge Master

An intuitive, simple-to-play fusion game with a Dinosaur and Warrior theme!

Merge objects so fast to get the upper hand

While the game’s primary subject is Dinosaurs and Warriors, the gameplay and combat are identical to those found in standard merging games. Your adversaries manifest sequentially. They might be fearsome predatory dinosaurs who earned a reputation for ferocity throughout history. They roar and rush forward to bite you in an instant. To engage the enemy, you must select the most rational merger maneuver for your Dinosaur army. It’s best to accomplish this immediately before your adversary strikes, since your increased speed enables you to acquire positional and strength dominance over your adversary.

Each level in Merge Master is extremely fast-paced. Due to the game’s high pace, quick reflexes are required. Despite the simplicity of the operation, you will never become bored. At the conclusion of each level, the player is constantly curious about what will happen next, who the enemy will be, and which animal they will merge into. All of those queries will be addressed in real time, ensuring that every gamer is kept entertained.

The difficulty of the levels will steadily rise. Enemies are becoming increasingly agile and unexpected in their power, and at times they are not just one but two or three at the same time, forcing you to move quickly and employ a sound strategy to eliminate them. Following each win, you’ll get access to new and more powerful animals. By fusing them, super powerful Dinosaur/Warriors will be created. As you progress up the ladder in this manner, you will face the game’s boss.

Making it to the last boss is a stressful time. You must strategically combine all of the monsters you possess and then swiftly eliminate the boss from the start. Merge Master’s gameplay is straightforward and effectively utilizes the mobile platform’s benefits. You’ll use your fingers to create a continuous line through the creatures you’d want to merge on the screen. The new animal will appear automatically and will engage in combat with the adversary.

Strategy requires super acumen

When you play Merge Master, your objective is to think quickly, observe carefully, and apply your plan to merge dinosaurs or soldiers on the battlefield in order to gain the strength necessary to face fierce opponents who are many times stronger than you.

By combining numerous little dinosaurs, a large dinosaur with significantly increased strength can be created. By combining numerous inferior warriors, you can create a super strong one capable of instantly destroying adversaries.

The intriguing aspect of this is that combining everything is not always a good idea. You must always devise new techniques in response to the adversaries you face. If the adversaries are two or three medium-sized dinosaurs, merging into a single large dinosaur is plainly preferable to merging into two medium-sized dinosaurs similar to the adversaries.

As a result, the game’s second obstacle, in addition to strategic thinking, is that you must also deal with time constraints. Enemies materialize and engage in lightning-fast combat. If you do not make a timely decision and merge, the game could be over in an instant. However, it is also quite easy to fail if you merge too soon and without thought.

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MOD APK version of Merge Master

MOD feature

Unlimited Money


Is your money negative? No problem.

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The game has beautiful graphics, easy-to-understand gameplay, friendly operation, no violence, which is suitable for both children and adults. Are you ready to step into the exciting wars full of excitement in Merge Master?

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