Simulation Merge Dragons! (MOD, Free Shopping)

Merge Dragons! (MOD, Free Shopping)

  • Publisher: Gram Games Limited
  • Version: 4.11.1
  • Category: Simulation
  • Size: 138M
  • Update: June 14, 2020 at 12:29 am
  • Available at: Google Play


Dragons – creatures that only appear in myths, are always divine beings that frighten people. Can the dragon bring prosperity, can also bring to the painting, if you ever imagine what will happen if they really exist on this earth? Merge Dragons! – An incredibly appealing game about the mythical dragon released by Gram Games Limited will definitely give you the answer. A fantasy world with miracles and dragons in the legends, what is attractive awaits you on the adventure ahead?

Explore the mysterious land and legend of dragons

Dragonia – a mysterious world hidden behind the clouds – is where the dragons live and thrive. The clouds on the clouds are connected by bridges; this is a wonderful world. Unfortunately, the wicked Zomblins have destroyed all the valleys by destroying the lands in the valleys, turning the land of life into the dark grey spaces of death. Fortunately, Zomblins cannot destroy the valleys. And the only hope to heal the lands is in your magical powers. Are you ready for the mystical dragon rescue journey and defeat the evil one, to return peace to this beautiful world?

When you step into the world called Dragonia, you will have in your special strength. From your native land, you will have to take a long journey, passing through many other lands to rescue the creatures such as dragons, plants, stars, and find the Hidden treasures hidden in secret gardens are protected by statues of Gaia.

So to rescue a land you will have to do? Connect the dragon eggs to give birth to baby dragons, connect the bushes to produce beautiful flowers. The dragons will fly to the flowers and carry the hearts to help rescue the grey plots. Go on like this until all the lands are once again alive, there is no grey matter, and all creatures that are connected to their location mean you have finished. After successfully rescuing a land, you will receive many rewards such as gold coins and open the seal of the dragon species, new plants and creatures. If you are lucky, you will also find treasures with many attractive rewards.

What are the benefits to you? They will help you successfully rescue your homeland. In this land, the Zomblins have taken possession of the Evil Fogs, and you need the dragons and other plants and mystical creatures to break the seal from the hideous Evil Fogs, Dieback into a land of abundant vitality and help you to breed all the beautiful species you find on your vast expedition. Buy them in the store for a certain amount of money, and you can own them right away, great is not it?


The game has 3D graphics with lovely cartoon style. The land of Dragonia is extremely beautiful, like a fairyland in fairy tales. The incredibly diverse and extremely adorable dragon species will definitely make you enjoy the delights.


Merge Dragons! Really is a game with different content and exciting. You can spend your spare time saving the land of the mythical dragon and becoming the hero of the dragon world. How wonderful it feels. Why do not you try and experience this fascinating new experience?

MOD Info?

  • Buy everything for coins, even when they are not!

Merge Dragons! [MOD] [APK FILE]