App Name Memrise
Publisher Memrise
Genre Apps
Size 26.5MB
Latest Version 2021.8.24.0
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Update August 30, 2021

Each country has one or more languages ​​to use as the national language of that country. In the past, a person did not need to learn too much language, especially the language of another country. But at present, that is no longer true, because the world is entering the stage of global integration. Countries have linked and cooperated to develop together. When the world does that, the language barrier is the thing that drives the process the most. So the whole world has decided to choose an international language for the common use between countries.

And that is English; as a result, everyone must know English today to be able to communicate with foreigners. But nowadays, there are still many people who do not know how to speak English, so how can you learn? Not everyone has a lot of time to go to class and start learning; some people take a lot of time but still cannot learn. So there was an application that was born to support users in learning English, that application is Memrise – is a leading learning application today.

Scientific learning system

How to study effectively? Not just trying to learn a lot will bring high efficiency; many people can not be useful even if they try hard. But some people only need to spend a little time to study effectively. The main reason lies in their learning style; if they learn the wrong way, it will be difficult to understand the lesson. But if there is a suitable learning method, it only takes a short time to understand the lesson. A creative team with expertise designs this app, so they have created a scientific learning method to support users. Users can quickly grasp a lot of things needed in a very short time. During the testing process, the creative team found that this app can help users learn up to 44 words in an hour. Not only remember but also know the meaning, pronunciation, and how to use that word in many situations.

Learning while playing

If you learn too much, the pressure of learning will increase and cause users to give up and do not want to continue learning. So to relieve stress for users, the application has added a lot of unique minigames for players to experience. These minigames are not only for playing but also as a tool to assist users in the learning process. If the user knows how to use these minigames intelligently, the user can quickly learn a lot of new words through playing the game. People will not feel any pressure when using the application but also entertain and increase their learning ability. App games can bring many benefits to the user, such as image capture, image rendering, and imagination development.

Diversity of languages

English was an international language, but nowadays, many languages are being used by many people, such as Chinese and Korean. So, in addition to English, the application also supports users to learn more new languages ​​such as Chinese and Korean. The app will also apply things similar to English to teach users new structures and vocabulary. Users will find it very easy to learn new languages ​​and quickly grasp them all. This app is the perfect tool for users to learn another language. Although only having the basics, but those basics are more than enough for users to communicate with others.

Course selection

When the user starts learning, he or she will need to select a course to start learning. Each course will teach the user something different so that the user can learn them. Users should choose from basic to difficult to be able to get used to the lesson quickly. The application has provided users with up to 1000 different courses for users to choose from and not only stop there, but they are increasingly growing. But the unique thing about that application is that all are free, users will not spend any money to access those courses.