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Name MeChat
Package world.playme.mechat
Publisher Playme Studio
Category Visual Novel
Version 2.18.0
Size 126M
Requires Android 5.0
MOD Features Unlimited Gems
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Introduce about MeChatLet's enter the world of romance!The value of a chat-based interactive novel gameThe years 2020 and 2021 will likely be peak years for mobile online chat ...
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Introduce about MeChat

Let’s enter the world of romance!

The value of a chat-based interactive novel game

The years 2020 and 2021 will likely be peak years for mobile online chat (dating) applications. Distance and hundreds of additional risks in talking, working, and meeting face-to-face have increased the desire to communicate and confide in others through the internet environment. Especially if you’re looking for a deep yet completely fresh relationship with someone. It is possible using an application with the “talk with strangers” option, but there are always several risks. It is not uncommon for unscrupulous individuals to use these chat networks to exploit the emotions and finances of naive individuals.

There is a better method to minimize these hazards while still engaging in romantic and entertaining relationships. MeChat is an example of a game that mixes talking interaction with interactive novels. In this way, you can converse with a loved one about dramatic stories while simultaneously writing your own love narrative.

What is MeChat?

First, MeChat and WeChat should not be confused. WeChat is a chat application used online. On the chat platform, MeChat is an interactive game. There are numerous stories of all genres and personalities with dozens of distinct traits on MeChat. You can choose any story and become the protagonist, engaging in lengthy conversations with other characters.

From there, establish relationships. Depending on the decisions and options made through text messages, the narrative can take an entirely different turn. MeChat is one of the few games capable of seamlessly combining these two genres.

Good stories and interesting friends

Each MeChat narrative is written in a unique fashion. You are surrounded by numerous supporting characters. You can choose to get to know one person and ignore the other, to pursue their deepest secrets, and to discover about someone’s life. Interspersed with the message flow are gorgeous 2D cutscenes that illustrate your progress or the person you’re interacting with.

MeChat’s allure lies in its capacity to generate short narratives that penetrate the hearts of its users. These tales have minimal details, but they are universally relatable. Then, via the chat screen, the game places you in a number of circumstances that are either thrilling, romantic, or so puzzling that they force you to make difficult judgments. You will no longer feel like an outsider playing a mobile game, but rather as if you are that person.

The game’s characters have distinct and daring physiques. From appearance to personality and even the manner in which they communicate with you via text messages, every aspect of a person’s appearance, personality, and communication with you is distinct Each one induces a distinct emotion. Select one of them to continue the discussion. Then proceed to strengthen the bond. Individual preferences determine the outcome. Every decision and option you make leads you in the desired path.

According to the publisher, MeChat is regularly adding new content and updating more than one hundred tales. This means that you can shift into all of the main characters in the story and be surrounded by a variety of appealing connections.

Graphics and sound

Every cinematic in the game is rendered in 2D. The appearance of each figure in each story, however, is quite distinct. Each individual has a distinct face, physique, and sense of fashion. Sometimes fashionable, occasionally liberal, and occasionally elegant. Consequently, there you can locate your ideal lover or girlfriend.

The games have a reasonable message rhythm. Before replying or contacting someone in the game, you have ample time to think freely. Simply act as though you are in real life, and then read the conclusion of the narrative to choose which connection you will have.

According to the story, the faint sound varies in each. For demanding or difficult moments, the game adds a more stimulating tone, promising that it will be sufficient for you to both concentrate and immerse yourself in the emotional levels of the character.

MOD APK version of MeChat

MOD feature

Unlimited Gems

Download MeChat APK & MOD for Android

MeChat, an interactive novel game that uses the chat screen as the main theme, is a very trendy and concise form to enjoy a variety of interesting emotions. Save this game to your phone to play and discover it slowly, more than 100 stories are waiting for you!

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