Adventure Manor Matters (MOD, Unlimited Stars)

Manor Matters (MOD, Unlimited Stars)

  • Publisher: Playrix
  • Version: 1.7.0
  • Category: Adventure, Puzzle
  • Size: 145M
  • Update: June 19, 2020 at 10:27 pm
  • Available at: Google Play


The mystery is always one of the things that attract a lot of attention from many people. If you are interested in the discovery of the secret, let’s come to the game Manor Matters. When players come to this game, players will discover many mysteries of the game. Players will undoubtedly satisfy their curiosity about the secrets that this game brings to players.


The player will play the role of a successor of a billionaire named Christopher Burke to participate in the game. The player is a normal person and is enjoying a normal life until the day that Carl appears. He appears and said that you are the heir to the entire fortune of Mr.Christopher Burke, who has been missing for years. Christopher Burke disappeared during his last adventure and left his fortune, but he didn’t have any relatives. So, Carl – Christopher Burke’s assistant set out to search for an heir, and he found you. So you’ve become the heir to an enormous manor that Christopher Burke left behind. So you suddenly turn from an ordinary person to a rich person with a considerable fortune.


Because when Mr.Carl found you, so much time has passed, and the mansion you inherited has become too old to live. If the player wants to be able to live in this mansion, they will have to remodel everything. So the task of the player is to renovate and repair this mansion to stay here. But that won’t be easy to accomplish, because they are so old that they will do a lot of things. But players do not need to worry when the player receives help from Carl in this. He is a wise person and someone who knows everything about Mr.Christopher Burke so he will know all the secrets of this house.

Welcome to Castlewood — an old manor full of mysteries!

There are game modes of this game that are built in the style of finding objects that are simple to play but very difficult to complete. Whenever the player wants to do something, they will have to find what the game requires to continue. For example, when the player first arrives at the mansion, they will need a key to open the door and enter. So to find the key, the player will have to complete a mini-game to find objects. The game will offer items or animals, and players need to find them to complete the task.

Every job that the player does, the player will have to complete such a stage to complete that job. But players need to finish them within a certain time, so if the player is not fast, they will lose. And to make the player feel more secure, the player will be provided with the game to support the game. For example, players can find an item without effort, or players can increase the time limit. Also, if the player wants to be surer, you can zoom in on the image that the game offers to find objects easily. The game also has many scary mysteries for players to explore.

MOD Info?

  • Money increases when spending.

Manor Matters [MOD] [APK FILE]