App Name Maki Plus
Publisher Sunshine Apps
Genre Apps
Size 5.02MB
Latest Version build 386
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Update August 31, 2021

Maki Plus is an extension for Facebook and Messenger applications. Do you know what it was made for? It is adding some special features for this application. It also works to combine Messenger and Facebook into one and can be used as early versions of Facebook. Maki Plus not only has such a simple feature, but it will also come with many other features to help users have a better experience with Facebook.

Facebook and Messenger in a single app
Instead of separating two applications like Facebook and Messenger, this Maki Plus utility will combine the two and make using Messenger more convenient. There are many advantages that the Merge feature brings, which is to shorten access time to Messenger and serve the purpose of privacy protection. If you are a Facebook user for a long time, you will understand how it works. Of course, after Merge, the interface will remain the same, so this does not affect the use of the user.
While we are surfing the news, it will appear some annoying ads to users. And of course, “Maki Plus” will come with the ability to block these ads to make the user’s newsletter cleaner. Even sponsored newsletters will not appear and annoy users.

Night mode
This is one of the features currently very popular in the user community, but it does not appear in “Facebook.” Because of this shortcoming, “Maki Plus” has been set up and comes with night mode so that users can activate it anytime, anywhere. Using night mode has many benefits, such as protecting our eyes from the light intensity at night and bringing a new style to the user.
Privacy protection
There is a benefit mentioned in the “Merge” feature, which is the ability to protect privacy better. Instead of having to put each layer of protection on each application, now you only need to set one layer. Users can set up two layers of security, such as PIN combination with fingerprint, to enhance security. This ensures others will not be able to access “Facebook” and check your messages.

Media download
This is a new feature appearing in Maki Plus, it has the ability to allow users to download videos or images on the news directly. “Facebook” is not equipped with this feature, so users find it inconvenient to download the videos they like. Now with this new feature, users only need to manipulate a button to download anything that the user wants successfully.