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Latest Version 1.6.7
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Update September 8, 2021

Learning English has become a necessity in this day and age. They can communicate and have opportunities to work in foreign companies. Being able to master this foreign language is not easy. You will have to improve grammar, improve vocabulary, and pronounce correctly. These factors will be applied to communication skills. But in learning, sometimes you get stuck again because the study method is dry and discouraging you. Therefore, LyricsTraining will be an application that will help you improve your English learning skills effectively.

Learn Languages with Music’s learning style is simple and fun. You will listen to a piece of music and go where you will enter the corresponding words. The way to fill this word is not to manually enter results that you will select from many options. This selection will be simpler, and at the same time, it will allow you to choose the word correctly. The time for you to recognize words will be shortened to allow for incorporation into other skills.

As you learn, there will inevitably be some words you do not understand. You can look up directly during the learning process. You will learn new words and take notes where you feel the need. That helps you to be motivated and to love English. Once you get encouraged, self-learning the language is no longer too difficult and arduous.
With this learning method, you will have the opportunity to improve your listening comprehension skills when doing word selection exercises. At the same time, the lessons are designed from songs, so its applicability is very high. You can both absorb new words, improve pronunciation by singing along, and memorizing grammar sentences. That helps you to apply new knowledge to communication practice.
The lessons of Learn Languages with Music are not documents but songs. That gives you a relaxed mentality in the learning process. It is an essential factor that helps users love to use the application. It can be said that learners like to learn in a more exciting and accessible way than dry methods. That will bring positive results in the learning process.

The application also has a karaoke function so you can follow the lyrics easily. But this will make you unable to stop yourself from singing along. You will find many good songs in this application. You can study and sing along for compelling entertainment. That makes up the success of the application.
Besides the music content, you also have access to the documentary genres you like, such as movie clips, TV shows, etc. That allows you to choose the genre you want to study by yourself. You can learn at your own pace and develop a study plan that works for you. The app provides a function to help you find the right level for you. So, you don’t have to worry too much while learning with this app.
Learn Languages with Music offers fun lessons for learners. They won’t be wrapped up in a dry course but will approach a good song that you love. You can expand your vocabulary, improve your grammar, and improve pronunciation. You will be able to apply this knowledge to practical communication. At the same time, there will be various genres that you can choose from to study on your own. Certainly, Learn Languages with Music is an English learning application useful to you!