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Introduce about LumosityDevelop your brain and gain a better understanding of how your mind operates.Exercise your brain before it's too lateEverything inside and outside your ...
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Introduce about Lumosity

Develop your brain and gain a better understanding of how your mind operates.

Exercise your brain before it’s too late

Everything inside and outside your body must be trained daily in order for it to function properly and retain its “age” for an extended period of time, especially the brain. We cannot properly quantify the brain. Only when the change takes time will we recognize it and attempt treatment, but it may be too late. As a result, the criterion is always “prevention is preferable to cure.” Begin today by conditioning your brain!

Anyone who has ever worked in a gym or used physical training methods has observed one thing: there are always milestones and efficacy metrics. For instance, body fat percentage, muscle percentage, and waist circumference all provide information about your strength and bending ability. The brain, on the other hand, is unique. Regardless of whether you practice or not, it is impossible to quantify the mind’s effectiveness and “fitness.”

Unfortunately, what we perceive is only after the effects have occurred. From here, everyone must comprehend the critical nature of brain training. And once you begin practicing, you must be patient, consistent, and determined rather than expecting to see results immediately.

I’d like to introduce Lumosity to those of you who are like-minded or looking for a suitable application to carry out your wishes.

Scientific and Professional Assurance

Let’s take a look at Lumosity to get a sense of its dependability. This application, built by a team of prominent neuroscientists and validated in several experiments and practical investigations, is being used by over forty million individuals. This app’s primary objective is to assist the user through a customized training regimen. Thus, Lumosity can aid in the enhancement of memory, the strengthening of concentration, and the harnessing of the brain’s power in each individual.

Practice through games

Brain training is the most effective method for boosting memory, maintaining a positive focus, and practicing daily according to a set plan. These are also the quickest and most effective ways to generate excitement about any object.

Lumosity’s cognitive games are meant to promote movement in all parts of the human brain. Math, language, and a wealth of knowledge all require a high level of concentration. Each game, each level, includes a scoreboard that tracks the user’s progress. You’ll keep track of your development and advancement on a daily basis.

Additionally, this training program is organized into numerous skill categories. Depending on your current demands, you will have your own decision based on the application’s proposed plan for memory training, attention training, reasoning ability, and brain speed training…

You only need to spend 15 to 20 minutes per day on Lumosity to finish a few engaging games. In exchange, you will discover that your mind is always clear, lucid, and in its optimal state.

How to play?

You will play through a series of hard stages in the app. From the start, you select the topic, which may include memory, concentration, adaptability, situational skills, acumen, reasoning ability, calculating ability, and linguistic ability. Each subject will have a variety of levels ranging from simple to challenging. Maintain those levels and you’ll be able to track your progress over time.

When you play, all you have to do is answer the application’s questions properly or complete as many challenges as possible within the time limit. Each game will have an evaluation score at the conclusion. These points will then be added together to determine the user’s progress and will be given to you in the form of a report at the previously specified time.

Lumosity will propose games that relate to the skills you wish to improve from its collection of twenty-five distinct games. For instance, if you want to assess your ability to calculate, Lumosity will recommend playing number games, adding, subtracting, multiplying, dividing, and locating lost numbers. When it comes to language preparation, the game will recommend a series of word matching games and crossword puzzles for you to complete… Naturally, the more you play, the faster the game will run and the more difficult it will get. This is also the point at which your brain registers progress.

After evaluating the user’s scores, the results will be evaluated. This review is totally scientific in nature and is based on the experiences of numerous specialists who participated to the Lumosity project. As a result, it is entirely reliable, amazing, and capable of evaluating all mental abilities.

The final goal is to achieve an equal skill score. That is when your brain is trained in the proper way and on a 360-degree angle.

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What's Latest New Lumosity

Welcome to the release notes, your bi-weekly update on what’s new in the Lumosity app. This week we’re serving up a couple of bug fixes and background improvements that’ll keep your workouts running smoothly.Game on!

In short, Lumosity is a brain training application through a series of games based on scientific research and expert advice. It’s simple and condensed with easy-to-see 2D graphics. Especially, there is no sound for users to focus on work. This useful application I think everyone should have in their mobile to practice a little every day. No pain, no gain!

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