Lucid Launcher Pro

Lucid Launcher Pro

Lucid Dev Team
Name Lucid Launcher Pro
Package com.powerpoint45.launcherpro
Publisher Lucid Dev Team
Category Personalization
Version V6.0243 PRODUCTION
Size 4M
Requires Android 4.0
MOD Features No
Updated On
Introduce about Lucid Launcher ProA simple launcher with simplified featuresWhat is a Launcher?The characteristic that makes Android devices so popular is their extensive Custo...
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Introduce about Lucid Launcher Pro

A simple launcher with simplified features

What is a Launcher?

The characteristic that makes Android devices so popular is their extensive Customization capabilities. While on iOS, you are forced to use a pre-installed UI from the start. Now available on Android, it enables users to customize the appearance of any page on their device. Users are able to alter the design and functionality of the application to fit their personal style and intended use.

And the quickest way to accomplish this customization is to locate a compatible Launcher program.
If you’re looking for a Launcher program that introduces a brand-new interface in a minimalist design that’s simple to use, intuitive, and unique, Lucid Launcher Pro is one of the best options available today.

Lucid Launcher Pro provides a clean interface

Many individuals choose to keep their home screen (and inner interface) simple in order to focus on the phone’s primary operations (emailing, chatting, online meetings, and calling) without having to worry about sophisticated effects on each interface. Additionally, if the phone is constantly basic and clean, you can instantly access the desired feature. It will save you much time and effort by eliminating the need to repeatedly navigate through numerous confusing interface pages.

Within a forest of Launcher programs, it’s easy to tell that Lucid Launcher Pro’s UI style is almost entirely unique. It adheres to the minimalist philosophy of simplifying everything, ensuring that each interface on your Android device is clean, neat, and easy to read.

The light Launcher application does not take up much memory space

Complex graphics, textures, and effects make it more difficult to keep track of new content inside, and they also make the device heavier. Lucid Launcher Pro is designed to be as unobtrusive as possible. It’s all about emphasizing large and small color boxes, as well as unusual color combinations. Its objective is to produce a visually appealing, one-of-a-kind, and lightweight Launcher application that everyone can use easily.

Highly customizable characteristic

Not only does Lucid Launcher Pro offer a clean, straightforward appearance, but it also assists users in delving into the modifications within each page. Edit icons and text, interfere with third-party program icons… All of these tasks are simple to complete in Lucid Launcher Pro.

You can also try other apps like Apex Launcher and Nova Launcher Prime.

Many utilities for different mobile usage habits

If you frequently use your phone with one hand, Lucid Launcher Pro also allows you to scroll the screen vertically, which is extremely useful and substantially faster.
If you enjoy relocating apps to maintain your phone fresh, Lucid Launcher Pro can assist you as well. Simply drag and drop the applications you require to the home screen for fast access, or hold the icons to arrange them in the folders or pages that follow.
Additionally, Lucid Launcher Pro includes the following moderate yet useful features:

  • Hiding applications in the favorites folder
  • Additional pages
  • Create two distinct homepages concurrently
  • Create unique sidebar themes
  • Support for searching through any application or folder on the device, even those that are hidden
  • Add icon for the folder
  • Select  a color scheme for the folder.
  • Display a concise overview of notifications (messages, to-do list, to-do notes, emails, social media activities, etc.)
  • Widgets, folders, and shortcuts are all supported.

These are little features, but when used, they make the device’s operation more lively and succinct than before.

Download Lucid Launcher Pro APK free for Android

Lucid Launcher Pro is completely free with no ads. It follows the minimalist school, has a good level of customization, and has many small features that are useful in practice. If you follow the school of minimalism, you should choose Lucid Launcher Pro for your device. Lucid Launcher Pro is currently available in Spanish, German, Italian, Russian, French, and several others.

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