App Name Live NetTV
Publisher Entertainment
Genre Apps
Size 24.1mb
Latest Version 4.8.6
Update September 5, 2021

Live NetTV is an application that allows people to follow all the famous TV stations around the world. In other words, it is a TV channel streaming app; with this application, you can watch everything like sports, music, entertainment, cooking, etc. There are even many new features for users to have a better user experience. If you regularly watch TV, this application is a choice that you will love.

Home page
It is the place to recommend all popular TV channels for users, there are many different types of TV channels, and they will be divided into many categories for users. Moreover, this application will use a sophisticated, luxurious, and eye-catching interface so that users will quickly get used to this application. After a while, the homepage will change based on user activity. It will start recommending content related to the channels that users are currently following or are interested in. The homepage is also home to content or channels that users have bookmarked or subscribed to give users faster access in the future.

Local Channel
Because this app will not support subtitles or voiceover, it is a disadvantage for those who do not have foreign language knowledge or have listening problems. However, it will categorize channels into different local areas for users. This feature will help people capture their local content more accurately and quickly. It is even a useful way for us to learn the languages ​​we study.
There are many ways to classify channels, including areas where channels are broadcast. With the feature divided into sectors, users will spend less time searching for channels that suit them. Users only need to access each field suitable to themselves, such as sports, entertainment, cooking, dramas, politics, etc. There are countless different areas for users to find and enjoy, and users will have more opportunities to expand the list of channels they love.

If users like a particular channel, they can subscribe to support or wait for new content. After users subscribe, there will be some new features for users to manage their channels. And the most outstanding feature is the ability to update news for users; whenever a channel has new activities, users will be notified immediately. Because of this, users will no longer have to worry about missing out on any new and interesting content from their favorite channels.\
Connect to other Devices
This application will also allow users to connect to other devices to be able to track content more thoroughly. For example, by connecting to the TV, the user will be supported with the highest quality to be able to watch with family and friends. Connecting to other devices will not interrupt the user’s viewing process, but will also give them a new user experience.

If you are someone who regularly watches local or international TV stations, use Live NetTV. Because this app will constantly update new content based on your