App Name LingoDeer
Publisher LingoDeer
Genre Apps
Size 58.9MB
Latest Version 2.99.121
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Update August 30, 2021

Looking for a way to get started with a new language but don’t know which is the most effective way? Then come to LingoDeer to start learning all kinds of international languages ​​with the best effect. Today, there are many educational applications to help users quickly get acquainted with new languages. But LingoDeer is one of the most outstanding applications because of its ability to teach users with many attractive features. It has both theoretical education, and it also put into practice to have better efficiency. It even has many useful teaching methods by using images, sounds, or other effects to increase the level of effectiveness. And even users only need to spend 5 minutes a day with this application is enough to grasp the basic knowledge in life.


LingoDeer is a learning application for all ages, so it has applications designed cute, simple, and friendly to everyone. The interface uses a simple color scheme, taking yellow as the theme and thereby designing the layout of everything so that the user has the best user experience. The application has many different features, big and small, and they are all divided into different categories for users. And even the interface is divided into many different tabs for users to track their learning process. Everything the user needs will be on the interface, and these interfaces will grow further based on user activity.


The application will support many different languages ​​for users, international languages ​​such as English, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, French, German, Portuguese, and more. Any language it will support, and famous professors develop all these languages from around the world, so users will always be assured of lesson quality. Each language has many different levels, and users will always receive a badge for each language with their level. Of course, users can learn multiple languages ​​at once for personal purposes. The application does not force users to learn a language until reaching the master level. Just five minutes a day is spent for each language, the user efficiency will be greatly improved.


Each language is divided into many different learning levels, and users will always start at a basic level. If users have acquired the basic knowledge for the language they are learning; the learning progress may be improved. However, if the user wants to complete a learning level, then he or she must test their knowledge by this application. Each level will have different knowledge for users, starting from the basics to advanced and proficient. If the user is progressing well to a certain level, the app will continuously offer small mini-games to challenge the user’s memory. The lessons of the application will also be taught in many ways, such as images, videos, audio, and more. With such a teaching method, the effectiveness of users will be higher than ever.


While teaching users, the application will be divided into many different learning modes for users to train themselves. Users will have to apply the learned knowledge to their work. Among those learning styles, Speaking is the most useful and fastest way for users to start applying in practice. The application does not limit the user’s study time, so it will constantly give lessons of a certain subject until the user stops. Besides, users can choose a language and select a field of work to start a speaking course. The application will have many different lessons for each field, ensure the user learning efficiency is increased and can be applied immediately.

Quick Learning

For those who are often busy with work, the application will have a quick learning feature for them. The quick learning feature will apply advanced and quick teaching methods, but at the same time, ensure the learning quality of users. Quick Learning covers many different areas, and users can select their fields. With the quick learning feature, users can learn anywhere, anytime, just need an Internet connection. Of course, users will also have homework and need to complete it in time to test the user’s knowledge.


The mini-games will be available in the user’s courses, mini-games will help improve the learning efficiency of users, and test their memory. Everything that the user has learned in one question, the application will immediately have a mini-game. If the player completes the mini-games well, there will be a reward for them. With these rewards, users can use to unlock advanced lessons to expand their knowledge. Mini-games will come in many different forms, and that variety will improve the user learning experience to a new level.

If you are looking for a highly effective learning application, LingoDeer will be the choice for you. In the future, the application will also update many new things to improve learning efficiency, and of course, it will also come with new mini-games. Join the user community of LingoDeer and start learning something new.