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Version 1.20
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Requires Android 4.4
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About Journey to find the light sourceLIMBO is a thrilling adventure game produced by PlayDead and published for the XBOX 360 in 2011, one ye...
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About Journey to find the light source

LIMBO is a thrilling adventure game produced by PlayDead and published for the XBOX 360 in 2011, one year after the game was developed on the PC and quickly gained traction with gamers. In early 2015, the LIMBO’s first mobile version was also published, absolutely free to gamers.

Journey to find the light source

Regardless of the time of day or night, darkness still surrounds and stalks LIMBO, the roads riddled with traps and death at every turn. LIMBO is a small homeless youngster with a broken body who is devoid of familial attachment. Growing up in the midst of a horrible conflict, he has no nearby relatives. Death and despair are believed to be imminent in the darkness, but LIMBO refuses to submit; his desire to live has prompted him to begin on a journey away from the darkness in search of the light of life…

LIMBO game players immerse themselves in the journey’s content via an adventure game genre infused with puzzle solving. Beginning with a black and white devastation scene, the youngster emerged from the dark corner, his wailing scream echoing, death all around him. As such, despite his heavy breath and footfall, the boy’s silhouette continued to march forward, determined to find a way out of the dark realm of unending death.

Gameplay of LIMBO

No instructions or dialogue are included in the game. It’s a never-ending quest in which you take on the role of the young LIMBO, who is searching for light in a dark and monster-infested world. Assume the role of LIMBO and use the scroll keys on the screen to control the running boy, jump, drag the obstacles, and swing the rope.

LIMBO lacks stages; you must traverse the forest, wade through rivers, and explore abandoned homes until you reach the game’s conclusion, which has horrific deaths. Waiting for you to be swallowed by sharks, crushed by rocks, summarily executed, or pierced with a pointed sharp spear makes you feel hopeless and without end. If you are defeated, you will return to the point at which you crossed previously to begin your trip.

Throughout the game, your primary adversaries will be deep pits, tall trees, lakes, abysses, and the sharpest vaults, but your most hated adversary will be the huge spider creatures. It’s quite difficult to overcome these hurdles, which is why the game requires constant thought and the ability to handle situations swiftly and deliberately in order to fast overcome because it’s the only way for you to survive.

Graphics and sound

The game features two primary colors: black and white, as well as a humorous atmosphere that will assist you in quickly becoming acquainted with the game. The buttons go in and out, and the high leap is laid out simply for new players to experience the game for the first time. The fog effect, together with the character’s mortality on each path, adds to the game’s attractiveness to players.

In terms of sound, the game features no background music, instead relying on the protagonist’s loud and heavy footsteps. Occasionally, you’ll hear rain, crickets, wind chimes, and frigid language crows scream… giving you chills at every instant. Quietness is also important in the game because it adds artistic value and distinguishes it from other game titles.

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APK Full version of LIMBO

What is LIMBO APK (Full Version)?

This is the version that was purchased by HOSTZFEVER. You will enjoy the whole game when downloading and playing this version.

Why choose the APK (Full Version)?

Simply, because instead of paying $5 to buy the game, you can play it for free.

How to install LIMBO

Step 1: Download APK and OBB of LIMBO
Step 2: Unzip, copy the com.playdead.limbo.full folder to the Android/obb path on your phone.
Note: Make sure the com.playdead.limbo.full folder contains
Step 3: Install the APK file into your phone.
Step 4: Open the game and play!

Download LIMBO APK for Android

Overall, LIMBO or any of Playdead’s game titles are obsessive about darkness and death, but the humanistic meaning of their game titles is also profound. LIMBO is available on both iOS and Android operating systems. So you can download games on mobile phones to discover new things and the challenges and conquest of this journey soon!

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