App Name Lightleap – Formerly Quickshot
Publisher Lightricks Ltd.
Genre Apps
Size 77.3MB
Latest Version 1.2.8
Get it On PlayStore Link
Update August 29, 2021

Lightleap PRO – Formerly Quickshot (MOD, Unlocked) is an application that gives you many effects and filters with unique colors that you can use with just one touch.

The demand for photography is increasingly becoming one of the essential jobs in human life. Wherever you go, you always want to use your smartphone to save beautiful moments. For landscapes that you think are worth sharing with friends, even more, it needs to be focused. Because of that demand, photography applications are increasingly popular in the community to satisfy the passion of the user. Recently, Enlight Quickshot has made users excited again thanks to its strength in editing. If you have not updated the situation then immediately see this preview.

Get your dream pics & effects
Take the photos you really want, look at the scenes the way you used to imagine

There is a ridiculous story when you take pictures, and it is always the concern of these enthusiasts. The photos you take are not as good as what you see. You come to an extremely beautiful waterfall and a few photos are indispensable things. “These photos will definitely make my friends admire” – you think. But in real life, the photos are not as beautiful as what you see on Pinterest for example. It’s dark, doesn’t have enough aperture, and the layout is messy too. Actually, this product is not what you want them to be posted on social media. The good photos you see can only be taken by real photographers with expensive cameras. However, with Enlight Quickshot, all these errors will be solved thoroughly. Easy-to-use features will apply to your photos right away. They can make the photo bright, adding some special effects like Sky, Special Effects. From now on, all the pictures you take will be perfect.

Latest products in Enlight Creativity Suite
Lightricks, a recently famous publisher for its photo editing products. Of course, you’ll recognize Pixaloop if you’re constantly creative with moving images. This set of effects can add to your photos effects that make them come alive, like a gif. Thanks to that, your photos become more creative. Enlight Quickshot is exactly a new application in this kit of Lightricks. Users will be able to take advantage of previously available features. Add to that the newly released effects, in this application only. These are extremely powerful filters, deeply interfering with the structure of the image. It makes the scene in the photo seem to change completely, not the old scene anymore. Your work becomes magical.
In most landscape photos, the sky almost plays the largest role to express the feelings of the photographer. Sometimes you want to take a hot summer lunch with your childhood memories. The photo will be a bit sad but a bit of fun. It is difficult to describe those feelings. Moreover, the photos you take are not necessarily enough to show that color. But Enlight Quickshot has a template for you to instantly apply to your photos. Certainly, the dominant emotions of the image will change thanks to the color of the sky. Blue skies, clouds, sunsets – even add northern lights to your pics! will be added for you to choose from. In addition, the hue of the effect can also be adjusted with a slider as soon as you apply it to the image. Moreover, you can touch the screen and move the position of the effect. Sometimes the effects will obscure the main objects of the image, just adjust it to evade a bit.
Final modifications with the tools make the image complete
The “Looks” tool can change the vibe of an image. It allows the user to fill his work with different emotions. Combined with the change of the sky, everything will change. Your photo will become as professional as a professional photographer can do with his work. In addition, existing filters are applied in addition to “Enlight Quickshot”. Like, this is an application that makes everything artistic and special. You yourself can create your own style, just like a true artist looking for your own path. Finally, tools like light, contrast, vibrance, shadows, vignette, exposure, highlights, saturation, temperature, tint,… will help you to perfect your photos.