Life is a Game

Life is a Game

Studio Wheel
Name Life is a Game
Package com.fivebyte.lifeisagame
Publisher Studio Wheel
Category Simulation
Version 2.4.21
Size 49M
Requires Android 4.4 Can play offline
MOD Features Unlimited Money
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About Life is a GameEveryone engages in life as if it were a game. Over time, everyone engages in play, completes their own chores, and encounters mature and significant individuals. The be...
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About Life is a Game

Everyone engages in life as if it were a game. Over time, everyone engages in play, completes their own chores, and encounters mature and significant individuals. The best athletes are the most successful.

Exciting simulation game

After selecting a character, you determine his or her life from birth to death. Starting from a newborn infant. Obviously, you cannot go alone at this moment; you need your parents’ assistance to obtain the necessary items for survival. What needs does a baby have? Surely he needs a complete diet (simulated with milk bottles). You must touch the screen to jump up and grab the bottles in order to promote the child’s optimal development into maturity.

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Find your passion

Every individual’s youth is a vital phase of life. This period had a profound effect on their development as adults. We also have many fond memories during this time. There are numerous options available to you currently. You can become an artist or a person who works in the arts if you devote a great deal of time to drawing as a child. If he collects a large number of footballs, he will likely become a professional football player as he matures.

The essence of this game’s winning strategy is time management. In spite of the fact that later everyone has more desirable options, such as money, women, and employment, smart time management can lead to a better life.  Are you a professional or feckless individual? Rich or poor? A person with several friends or a person who is lonely? A husband who lacks emotion or one who is romantic? It’s up to you alone.

After determining your passion, you must manage your time effectively throughout high school. At this moment, acquire as many symbols as you can for your character. For instance, if you choose to be passionate about players, you will enjoy playing with the ball but become bored when required to read or use a computer. Additionally, you must consider your disposition and your health.

When you get old

The average lifespan is between 70 and 80 years, according to data. The number of years a person has lived in Life is a Game is no exception. Having a happy life can add a few years to one’s personality. Your health declines as you aged, yet you can still amass a fortune, live in a luxury apartment, and publish your own book. After the conclusion of a life, you can continue to select new characters and begin the game from scratch.

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Looking for a girlfriend

In adulthood, players can find girlfriends by selecting a girl they met at the office, school, or gym. After that, you and she are free to marry, have children, and continue to work until you retire due to old age. You must spend a great deal of time with your wife and children when you’re married, or she may leave you out of frustration.


Even though Life is a Game’s gameplay is engaging and in-depth, the game’s 2D graphics are identical to those of the Mario series. Everything in the game is described in a style that is both entertaining and fairly realistic, with clear audio and vivid visuals.

MOD APK version of Life is a Game

MOD feature

Unlimited Diamonds.

Why can’t I see unlimited money even though I’m using the MOD version?

Ah, easy to understand. In this MOD, the money will not be reduced when you use it, which is also a variation of infinite money!

Download Life is a Game MOD APK for Android

For me, this game is a lesson that helps us realize the value of life. How to have a happy life? How to manage my time? Not only in games, it’s also something you need to find answers in real life. In Batman Begins there’s a saying that I really like. “It’s not who you are underneath, it’s what you do that defines you.” Now, try to create a happy and meaningful life in Life is a Game.

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